3 Inspiring Life Lessons To Be Learned From Goku

3 Inspiring Life Lessons To Be Learned From Goku

Goku is one of the most popular Anime characters ever created. There’s no denying that.

After all, the Japan Anniversary Association officially declared May 9th as Goku day in 2015.

And that says a lot!

With the Dragon Ball Z series being as long as it is, there’s dozens and dozens of things to be learned from the show.

Today though we’ll focus on 3 inspiring life lessons to be learned from Goku.

As well as how you can apply it to your life.


1. Never take life too seriously

Throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball GT, Goku is laid back and care free.

Even in serious situations he’s always cool, calm and collected. And never gets stressed out.

Like the time when he and Vegeta play rock, paper, scissors to decide who will fight Kid Buu.

Even though Kid Buu is stood right in front of them.

Now think about the average person in real life.

We tend to stress over the smallest, most unimportant things, and get worried over things that don’t matter.

The lesson here’s to have a little fun in your life. Take the things you’re taking seriously, and think of ways to make it more fun.

And try to look at things logically. That way you’ll look at things for what they are, instead of over exaggerating what it’s not.


2. Practice makes perfect

Throughout the entire Dragon Ball Z series, Goku trains non stop.

Always looking for opportunities to become stronger, practice, learn, fight stronger opponents, and progress.

And that’s why Goku’s not only the strongest DBZ character there is, but he’s one of the strongest Anime characters ever created.

Unlike others, he’s obsessed with practicing so he can reach new heights and levels of strength.

3 Inspiring Life Lessons To Be Learned From Goku

The lesson here is to never stop practicing.

The more you practice, the more you’ll learn.

And the more you learn, the better you’ll become at whatever it is you’re doing.

“The difference between the novice and the master, is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.” – Koro Sensei

3. Confront your challenges head on

3 Inspiring Life Lessons To Be Learned From Goku

When battling against Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga, there’s a point where Goku is worn out.

Because he’s overused the technique – Kaoken.

And Vegeta starts charging up his Galick Gun attack, intending to destroy Goku along with Planet earth.

Regardless of being worn out and unprepared, Goku faces the challenge head on.

Then fires a counter attack and overpowers Vegeta’s Galick Gun.

But what If Goku didn’t face the challenge head on? He’d be dead, plain and simple.


The lesson here is to ALWAYS face your challenges head on.

Even If you feel unprepared.

Avoiding your challenges and problems is bound to do you more harm than good.

But facing your challenges will not only help you overcome your fears, it’ll give you the courage to succeed.

The same way Goku did in his battle against Vegeta.



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