Anime Fans In Latin America & Spain Share Their Thoughts On Uzaki Chan Controversy

Uzaki Chan Hana Smile

Uzaki Chan’s controversy, outrage and backlash has been a highlight of August 2020.

No matter who you are or what social media you use as an anime fan, you’ve heard of Uzaki Chan. It’s that popular now.

Bad publicity has turned into good publicity.

Spanish and Latin anime fans are confused by what’s happened, though.

One anime fan said:

“The anime-fans in Latin America don’t have any problem with the Uzaki-chan’s anime in general. They watch it, they enjoy it, and later make funny memes about the weekly episode.”


Latin America LOVES Uzaki Chan

Latin America and Spanish fans seem to agree that only radical feminists in the west are making an issue out of Uzaki Chan. Or the loud minority in general.

And some of these opinions are shared by Latin women, which says a lot.

There’s a Twitter thread that goes further into Uzaki’s controversy.


The conversation stretches MUCH further down the timeline. It’s a big discussion.

The long and short of it is: 90% or more of anime fans have no issue with Uzaki Chan.

Some aren’t fans of the anime, but almost nobody see’s Hana Uzaki’s design as “controversial” or takes issue with it. Regardless of gender.

And it seems Latin America and Spain love, appreciate and respect anime regardless of the loud voices being critical for exaggerated reasons.

Are you Latin or Spanish? What are your thoughts?



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