The IP Office Of The Philippines Partners With Japan’s ANTI PIRACY Group To Protect Anime & Manga

The Ip Office Of The Philippines Partners With Japan’s Anti Piracy Group To Protect Anime & Manga (2)
Written by Theo J Ellis

The Intellectual Property Office in the Philippines is working with Japan’s anti piracy group. The goal is clear.

They want to prevent piracy in the anime and manga industry, and protect anime and manga products from piracy in both countries.

To be specific it’s the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), Japan’s leading anti piracy group who’s on the ball.


The fight against piracy

intellectual property philippines organization


“Under the MOU, IPOPHL and CODA will build a cooperation mechanism to ensure the protection of copyrighted Philippine and Japanese works in their respective jurisdictions. Such a mechanism will cover streamlining the exchange of information, research work, data and trends that will enhance enforcement in both countries.

Both offices will also capacitate each other on best enforcement practices, such as on prevention, online piracy monitoring and rolling takedown and site-blocking.”

It continues:

“IPOPHL and CODA also agree to participate in consultations for the development of policies toward their shared goal of instilling respect for IP deeper in society.

Additionally, both will strive to support each other’s awareness and education campaigns for stronger protection of copyrighted works.”

In a nutshell:

  • Online piracy monitoring.
  • Site blocking.
  • Takedowns.
  • Educational campaigns to raise awareness.

And anything else that may help them win the war of piracy that’s so prevalent in the anime and manga industry. But you already know how I feel about that.

The ONE thing missing from all of this is Innovation. Nothing changes by playing a game of whack-a-mole in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing also changes by thinking you can “educate” people about piracy, copyrights, and that will somehow fix or stop people from pirating anime or manga.

People pirate because it’s convenient and there’s no other option or better alternative.

It’s that simple.

Anime fans in the Philippines in particular know this all too well, which is what makes this story even more ironic and in a way, out of touch.

But that’s how I see it.




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