Demon Slayer’s March 2020 Tokyo Exhibition CANCELLED Thanks To Coronavirus

demon slayer tokyo exibition

Days ago – Demon Slayer was set for an exibition opening in Tokyo, March 20th 2020.

This was gonna be an art event for the biggest Shounen since 2019, with plans to run until April 7th.


Now all that’s been cancelled thanks to the Coronavirus.

This makes Demon Slayer another anime, or in this case an event associated with an anime to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus.

Just the other day it was Re:Zero Season 2 that was cancelled for the same reasons.

And a week or so before that Railgun T (season 3) was delayed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.


Official statement from Demon Slayer website

demon slayer official site

The Tokyo Corridor, which is scheduled to be held from March 20 (Friday) to April 7 (Tue), 2020, will be held at the Tokyo Anime “Devil’s Blade” Full Concentration Exhibition. As a result of taking into consideration the health and safety aspects of customers and other parties concerned, we have decided to cancel the event.

We sincerely apologize to all those who have been looking forward to the event. We look forward to your understanding in the light of various circumstances.

In addition, ticket refunds due to cancellation will be supported for all ticket types.
The date of the refund will be announced on the official website of the exhibition at a later date, so please keep your ticket at hand.”


News source: Demon Slayer Website



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