Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

Let’s start off the day with some of the latest anime news from different shows and events in the industry.

Some of which are big, and others are relevant and worth mentioning.

Here it is.


Daily Anime News Aug 1st 2019:


My Hero Academia Anime Film Gets Explosive New Trailer

The film: My Hero Academia Heroes Rising has a new teaser trailer for anime fans of the upcoming film.

And it’s one that will impress.


TV Anime Ascendance of a Bookworm Announces October 2 Premiere Date in Japan

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

This anime is an adaptation of the original light novel series:  Ascendance of a Bookworm.

It’s set to premiere in October 2019, with dvd’s being released the same month.


Kyoto Animation Anime Films Get Theatrical Re-Releases in Japan

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

A bunch of Kyoani’s anime movies will be “re-released” in Japan. Courtesy of the tragic events that Kyoani’s dealing with lately.

So this is some good news yet again for Kyoto Animation as of late.


Bakemonogatari’ Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Artist’s Health

The bottom line of these tweets is: Monogatari is oon haitus until the artists health is up to par.

This is an ongoing issue in Japan with Japanese people in the anime industry. Hopefully she makes a fast recovery!


Encouragement of Climb’s Shiro Launches New Manga in August

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

If you’ve been following Encouragement Of Climb so far, be it the anime or the Manga, there’s a new Manga series on its way.

August is the release date (this month). So you can expect to see it soon.


Manga Artist Naoki Urasawa, Hirohiko Araki to Draw Posters for Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics

18 artists are set to work on the posters for the Tokyo Olympics.

The artists include:

  • Naoki Urasawa (manga artist)
  • Shinro Otake (painter)
  • Daijiro Ohara (graphic designer)
  • Shoko Kanazawa (calligrapher)
  • Tomoko Koumoike (artist)
  • Taku Sato (graphic designer)
  • Asao Tokoro (designer)
  • Takashi Honma (photographer)
  • Theseus Chan (art director)
  • Viviane Sassen (photographer)
  • Philippe Weisbecker (artist)

And many more to come.


Sunrise Launches New ‘Gundam Channel’ for Streaming on YouTube

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

A new YouTube channel has been created by the team over at Sunrise. Specifically for all things Gundam for its fanbase.


Dagashi Kashi’ Creator Kotoyama is Launching a Romance Manga this August

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

The creator of Dagashi Kashi is working on a new series, and this Manga will be released later this month in August!

Dagashi Kashi’s Manga ended last year.


Six Kyoto Animation Anime Films to be Re-Released over Three Weeks in Tokyo

Daily Anime News Recap (August 1st 2019)

One look at the image is enough to show you what is getting re-released. And remember – this is just a handful of what’s to be released again in Japan.


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