Crunchyroll Reveals Crunchyroll Expo Exclusive Streetwear Collections

Crunchyroll Reveals Crunchyroll Expo Exclusive Streetwear Collections

Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, is announcing today the exclusive merchandise line for Crunchyroll Expo featuring a Junji Ito capsule collection and a CRX-branded streetwear line.

The event, which is taking place in San Jose from August 30 – Sept 1, is Crunchyroll’s biggest event to date.  Last year, the expo welcomed over 45k in turnstile attendance, hosted 250 artists and over 60 special guests over three days.

Crunchyroll Reveals Crunchyroll Expo Exclusive Streetwear Collections 1
This year, fans are invited to take a trip and explore Crunchyroll Expo’s New Crunchy City, an interactive anime convention that will transport attendees to a place where anime and Japanese pop culture comes to life.

“This year’s Crunchyroll Expo collection is destination themed. I wanted our line to have an urban city feel to represent New Crunchy City, and the businesses our fans are going to interact with onsite,” said Kristin Parcell, the director of ecommerce at Crunchyroll.

“When our fans travel to another city, they might pick up a shirt or a momento from the places they visit – we want the Crunchyroll Expo experience to be the same; so that no matter where our fans travel afterwards, they will always remember the excitement and camaraderie of CRX.”

Parcell added, “We also worked closely with Suede from HUF to make sure our collection had the streetwear vibe we know our fans love.”

The Crunchyroll Expo destination line was created in collaboration with Suede, a HUF designer, and will include eight different tees, an enamel pin set, and a sticker.

Some of the businesses included in the destination line include the Crunchyroll Hime Maid Cafe featuring Crunchyroll Hime (of course) and the New Crunchy City Fireworks Co. and Ramen Bar, both featuring Hime’s adorable sidekick Yuzu.

In addition to the CRX destination line, Crunchyroll will also feature an exclusive Junji Ito collection featuring artwork specially-designed by the horror manga master specifically for Crunchyroll Expo.

In the CRX Junji Ito line, fans can expect two long sleeves, two short sleeve tees (one unisex, one women’s), a hoodie, a hat, lanyards, and sticker set featuring the exclusive designs. Crunchyroll will also offer fans posters of all commissioned art pieces (10 x 14.25), perfect for the Junji Ito autograph sessions or as a framed spooky keepsake from CRX.

Crunchyroll is a partner of Anime Motivation.


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