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18+ Thoughtful Blood C Quotes That Are Unforgettable

blood c anime wallpaper
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Blood C quotes taken from characters:

  • Kanako Tsutsutori.
  • Fumito Nanahara.
  • Dog.
  • Elder Bairn.
  • Tadayoshi Kisaragi.

Blood C is another version of “Blood +”, and is produced by Production I.G. Same studio as Psycho Pass.

If vampires and mystery is your thing, just like Blood+, this is worth trying out.

If you’ve already watched the anime – here are the best quotes to remember it by.


1. Tadayoshi Kisaragi Quotes

tadayoshi kisaragi quotes

“I’m glad that we could be together. That’s not a lie, that’s why it is so painful.” – Tadayoshi Kisaragi


2. Fumito Nanahara Quotes

fumito nanahara quotes 1

“What would happen if we left those as they were and just changed your birthplace, your surroundings or even your memories? If we changed them all, would you still remain the same as before?” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes

“We do care about what’s on the outside, but we want to focus on what people even now call the inside, you can also call it nature. I guess you’re either born this way or raised to act this way.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 3

“You don’t care about humans, anyway, do you? They aren’t the same as you, and you can’t just eat them. You got the idea of not feeding on human beings from a psychological suggestion.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 2

“Saya, you’re not a human being, yet you have a human body. Does your power come from the fact that you’re not human? Or is it from the life you’ve lived? I want to know, I want you Saya.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 4

“However, believe it or not, the more you think about it, the more it drifts away from reality. That’s right, thinking can be problematic. A person’s instinct is to seek the real answer.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 5

“People change, that’s true. However, there are things that can be changed, and thing that cannot. The basics never change, if those were to change, would people still remain the same?” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 6

“We will also need a reward for the winner, and a punishment for the loser. Say, if you could win, what would you want? If you lose, what shall be taken away from you to cause a suffering worse than death?” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 7

“That’s right, you promised. Can you keep that promise till the very end? Or will you end up breaking it? Everything depends on you Saya.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 8

“No, I’m not, I’m scared myself. But some fear that power, and that’s why they crave to obtain it. Someone asked me if I could help by using the Shujikimen.” – Fumito Nanahara


fumito nanahara quotes 9

“Yes, you promised. This promise is necessary for us to try what we’ve decided on. Also, we’ll need to make other preparations for the experiment. The experiment will show which one of us is right.” – Fumito Nanahara


3. Kanako Tsutsutori Quotes

kanako tsutsutori quotes

“Did you know that all kinds of riddles are hidden in those poems? They aren’t just stupid love poetry. All kind of hidden stories about weird events find their way into the poems.” – Kanako Tsutsutori


kanako tsutsutori quotes 1

“I’ve always been interested in ancient romances and myths, but I haven’t had the chance to check it out in detail. This is why I came here, to see something authentic.” – Kanako Tsutsutori


kanako tsutsutori quotes 2

“When I get curious about something, I just can’t stop myself. I’ve always been like that.” – Kanako Tsutsutori


4. Dog Quotes

dog quotes blood c

“What hurts? Is it your brain from thinking, or your body from feeling? Maybe even your heart? Things advanced drastically today, the end is fast approaching. Who did you promise? Also, who exactly are you?” – Dog


dog quotes blood c 1

“Before you were captured, this was your wish Saya: I want to be who I am. Even though I granted that wish for you, isn’t it time for you to make your next dream come true, Saya?” – Dog


dog quotes blood c 2

“Evil beings usually don´t spend their time outside so casually. They’re able to hide themselves very well.” – Dog


dog quotes blood c 3

“In order to make your wish come true, you need to pay a price. The price has to be on par with your wish. In other words, you don’t have too many options.” – Dog


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