Assault Lily Bouquet: Could This Be The Modern Version Of Madoka Magica?

assault lily bouquet riri protagonist

Assault Lily Bouquet is an anime I’ve been anticipating for months now.

The reason is because it’s made by the same studio as Madoka Magica Studio SHAFT.

Madoka Magica is one of the biggest, most successful magical girl series of all time. I’ve been dying to see another magical girl series dominate in the same way.

Many have failed, but Assault Lily Bouquet (same studio) could pull it off.


Assault Lily Bouquet Screenshots

riri kid assault lily bouquet riri from assault lily bouquet riri assault lily bouquet sword gun assault lily bouquet anime 2020 riri cute assault lily bouquet assault lily bouquet characters assault lily bouquet girls assault lily bouquet screenshots assault lily bouquet green hair assault lily bouquet fight

assault lily bouquet girls fighting

Assault Lily Bouquet, as you can see from the screenshots, isn’t on a level of Violet Evergarden for visuals. But it’s got some nice visuals.

Can’t help but feel like the visuals aren’t as sharp as Madoka Magica though (yet).

The action is definitely a highlight and we can see there’s gonna be more down the line.

As for the story – it’s about an academy of magical girls (Lily’s) who fight and protect society from a monster called HUGE.

If Madoka Magica is anything to go by, we’ll see something drastic in the next few episodes. And more “dark” moments compared to the first episode.

You can watch it on Funimation, Amazon, and more.



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