AnimeLog Will Distribute 100+ Titles Internationally Over The Next 12 Months

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AnimeLog is the service launched in 2020 by + anime studios in Japan. One of them being Toei Animation.

The original goal is to distribute 3000+ anime in the next few years.

As of today they plan to finally distribute anime to an international audience, not just Japan.

100+ titles will be distributed over the next 12 months. So you can expect something new every month I suppose.


The first batch of international anime shows

  • Ahare! Meisaku-kun
  • Hello, Anne (Before Green Gables)
  • Hungry Heart
  • Fantastic Children
  • The World of GOLDEN EGGS
  • Jungle Emperor

These are the anime coming to AnimeLog’s YouTube channel first.

Anything else has yet to be announced.


AnimeLog’s audacious goal

In AnimeLog’s own words, here’s their aim:

“Elimination of illegal videos & promotion of distribution of officially licensed contents. Although illegal videos are still being distributed on video distribution platforms such as YouTube, in addition to cracking down on illegal videos, it is possible to distribute officially licensed videos.

I think it is necessary. Anime Log will distribute officially licensed anime globally and appropriately distribute distribution revenue to rights sources to increase the number of officially licensed anime titles and, as a result, contribute to the elimination of illegal videos.”

It’s a noble goal. Eliminate piracy, put more money back into the industry, and everyone’s happy.

That’s the idea anyway.

Their concrete plans aren’t known, but strictly relying and using YouTube to fulfil that goal seems short-sighted.

Especially if AnimeLog plans to have BIG mainstream shows on their for free. Which I can’t imagine happening since they’re the bread and butter of so many studios and businesses.

At the least it’s a start in the right direction.


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