Anime NX Wallpapers: A Dedicated App For Fans With Over 2M+ Designs


Anime NX Wallpapers is a dedicated app for anime fans, otaku and everyone in the community.

I talk a lot about the fact there’s not many dedicated “anime” sites or products. And most are “third party” sites.

So it’s only right that I share this one.



Anime NX Wallpaper Features:

  • Download, Edit, and Set wallpapers with simple touches
  • Don’t need to download wallpapers and anime to save them, add them in like bucket.
  • Fully interact with wallpapers feed in a preview photo that you manipulate organised by random anime, anime’s characters and anime name.
  •  Edit Wallpaper an assortment of different image filters including Stickers, Crop, Rotate, Brush etc.
  • Share your Favorite Wallpapers with your friends.
  • Anime Wallpapers for every mobile resolution range from 540×960 to 2160×1920.
  • Get Notification on new seasonal anime episode release with a timer.

Download it on the play store:

Anime NX Wallpapers

No IOS version is available yet.





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Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

Just downloaded it! And it’s AWESOME! I’ve just been getting by with pics from Pinterest & FB, but these are a whole ‘nother level! Thanks, Senpai!