9 Anime Like The Ancient Magus Bride Worth Their Salt!

ancient magus bride wallpaper anime art

The Ancient Magus Bride is an anime series that was released back in 2017 and was one of the main highlights of that year for anime.

Made by Wit Studios, this anime is about a girl who was once a slave but now has a warm home to come home to, and somewhat fo a loving circle of people.

She learns magic, explores her new world, and romance comes into the picture as well.

With a 2nd season now airing as of today, it’s only right to talk about this anime.

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Here’s a list of anime that are like The Ancient Magus Bride.


1. Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair romantic moments

Shirayukihime is the Japanese name for this anime. Shirayuki is the name of the main female character as well.

She’s smart diligent, not from a rich background, is hard-working to the point of surprise, and is able to decipher and figure people out at a surface level.

She’s not an idiot in the slightest.

After meeting Zen, the kingdom’s prince who acts nothing like a stereotypical prince, the two start to fall for each other, while navigating the politics of these decisions because of Zen’s background and her own.


2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden cute kawaii

Violet Evergarden is like the evolution of the anime called Clannad. But it’s all in 12 episodes. This anime is one of the most emotional on this list, and that goes for romance/slice of life in general.

Violet, the MC, has a mechanical arm because of what happened during the war. A war that she was brainwashed into fighting for as a kid since she was raised a child soldier.

Now the war is over she’s trying to live her life like everybody else, but her past actions start to catch up to her, and she feels the pain of her actions in the war.

She writes letters for others for a living, helping many clients worldwide express their emotions on paper to either family members, loved ones, partners, and so on.

Violet and Hatori Chise from The Ancient Magus Bride are similar in some ways.


3. Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit beautiful

Balsa Yonsa is the main female character of this series. She’s strong, physically fit, has a serious personality of sorts, and knows how to fight skillfully with a staff. Or any weapon.

She becomes the bodyguard of a prince who’s being hunted down in an attempt to kill him. It’s his own kingdom that’s trying to kill him off.

Balsa and the boy called Chagum develop a type of mother-son relationship while struggling to survive, constantly travelling, evading capture, death, all the while trying to be happy and do the right thing.

It’s an emotionally driven series with stand-out visuals and aesthetics.


4. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn princess redhead

Princess Yona is a spoilt kid who’s always had everything she could have ever wanted, being born into royalty. That all changes after a friend she grew up with called Su-Wan decides to kill her father.

She witnesses the murder and escapes with her life and is now on the run with Hak, her long-time bodyguard.

She toughens up now she has to live life on the outside of the castle and has to throw away her princess title now that’s in the past. And she learns about the struggles of the outside world she was cradled from.

Also, she becomes more grateful, appreciative, and strong as a person, with some romance here and there (more like a reverse harem) to top it off.

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5. Spice And Wolf

Spice And Wolf couple romance

Spice And Wolf is a classic not many anime fans don’t know about. Holo The Wise Wolf, as she calls herself, is seen laying in a barn naked before meeting and eventually partnering up with Kraft Lawrence, a stock investor and businessman.

Together they use their smarts, intelligence, wit, and intuition to make a lot of money, and have fun doing it while helping each out when times get tough to get out of those tough situations.

It’s a historic type of romance, similar to The Ancient Magus Bride but different.

Spice And Wolf has been begging for a 3rd season for ages.


6. The World In Colors

The World In Colors hitomi school

Hitomi is the white haired main character of this series. She’s calm, stoic, unassuming, and reserved. She’s unable to see the world in color, only in black and white.

After being sent to the past, her life changes and slowly but surely, her vision is being restored.

This is a fantasy/supernatural type of series so this is a given.

There is an element of romance in this anime as well, with some strong visuals and aesthetics to back it up.


7. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

kino no tabi

This is a travelling anime series. The world continues to expand from the viewpoint of Kino, the 16 year old girl who travels the world on her motorbike. A motorbike that “talks” no less.

Their conversations get deep from time to time, and it’s an oddly interesting part of the series and its charm.

When travelling from country to country, town to town, village to village, Kino learns more and more about life and the people around her from a philosophical perspective.

She also has a backstory of her own.


8. Land Of The Lustrous

Land Of The Lustrous phos laying down grass

Land Of The Lustrous is an underrated diamond of an anime series that’s highly rated, but not at all famous.

It’s about characters who are gems, and they are all being targeted for their mineral bodies.

They can easily break, depending on their strength level, but they can live forever otherwise since they don’t rely on normal human elements to survive, breathe, or live.

This anime is as much of a mystery series as it is supernatural, comedic, and sometimes wholesome. But the darker parts (thanks to the mystery) and more emotional episodes do creep up on you in this short series.


9. Maou Yuusha

Maou Yuusha couple wholesome

Maou Yuusha is a forgotten romance/fantasy series about a demon king woman called Maou, who decides to partner up with the hero called Yuusha (Yuusha = hero in translation).

Together they become boyfriend and girlfriend, morphing into a wholesome relationship that’s appealing to the eyes and the 5 senses.

They help build the country up through strategy, and tactics, teaching people new skills, abilities, techniques for crops, and a whole lot more. If this anime focuses on one thing, it’s education and business.

There are some clear crossovers between this anime and The Ancient Magus Bride.


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