9+ Anime Shows Like K-On That Are Fun And Cheerful (Recommended)

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K-On is an anime series that kicked off the Moe genre, the trend, and the shows that have aired since then with a Moe vibe or feel to them.

It all started in the mid-2000s when Kyoto Animation created this soon-to-be legendary slice of life series the community knows and loves.

Yui Hirasawa is a girl who’s clumsy, airheaded, foolish, and immature despite her age. But she does know how to make everyone’s life more fun, energetic, and happy without knowing it because of her effect on others.

The anime follows her and 4 others on their random day to day lives, making music, drinking tea, eating cakes, and graduating to college.

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Here’s a list of anime like K-On to start getting into.


1. Lucky Star

Lucky Star moments table house

Konata Izumi is the anime’s main female character with blue hair, an interest in Otaku-related products, and is a hardcore Otaku herself who even attends anime and gaming conventions.

She’s your typical Otaku in Japan, made into an art form in a literal sense.

This anime focuses on her, and her friends like Kagami in a slice of life format, Showcasing their daily lives from different viewpoints and more importantly, in a way that’s bound to get more than a few laughs out of you.


2. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh chiyo chan yukari

The first anime to ever feature “Moe” content, and the one that sparked the moe trend to begin with. Even before K-On took it to new heights.

Azumanga is also the first slice of life anime and an important one to catch up on if you haven’t for historical reasons.

Chiyo Mihama, a new student attends high school despite only being 11 years old. She skipped grades due to being so smart.

Sakaki, the tall but shy and introverted girl is seen as cool and beautiful by others. While Tomo is like the hyperactive ADHD girl who’s funny, annoying, and adventurous all wrapped into one character.

Other characters like Osaka (real name Ayumu) is from Osaka, a play on her nickname, and is the anime’s source of dark humour when the iron is hot so to speak.


3. Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori cute seinen

The cast of this anime is a lot younger than your average series, especially if compared to an anime like K-On. But that’s part of what makes this Seinen/slice of life anime so wholesome, relaxing, and destressing.

Renge is the purple-haired girl who’s about 7 years old, is smart for her age, creative, and has some surprisingly deep thoughts for a kid her age.

Then you have Komari, the older sister of two despite being on the short side. Komari’s sister Natsumi is the fun character of the series who likes to play outside a lot with Renge in the countryside.

And then you have Houtarou, the introvert who has an affinity for cute things and is easily embarrassed by her “innocent” obsession with Komari.

They all play out in the countryside so you get the views, the scenery, aesthetics, and chilled vibes with comedy when it’s relevant.


4. Shirobako

Shirobako ep 1 drag racing

Even though this anime is about the anime industry from a realistic point of view, it does have elements similar to K-On.

The main characters all work together in the anime studio, making anime, and playing their role in the bigger picture of anime production.

The tiredness, exhaustion, busy schedules, abrupt changes, ideation, and more are shown in Shirobako to a realistic degree.

It’s a must-watch anime not just for those into slice of life, but anime as a whole.


5. Tamako Market

Tamako Market tamako dera bird

Tamako Market is all in the name. It’s a market town where people sell plenty of food, especially Mochi. The town is the centre of the anime, what happens, the characters, and more.

Tamako Kitashirakawa is the daughter of a mochi shop owner, and she helps out in making Mochi to help the business run. Also, her younger sister Anko helps as well.

Both of their personalities are a bit different, with Tamako being more of the absent-minded character, and Anko being shy.

It’s one of the top anime shows for wholesomeness and fun (yet strange) episodes and characters.


6. Aria The Animation

Aria The Animation mizunashi

Aria The Animation is a forgotten series in 2023 to some degree. It’s one of the first slice of life anime shows that released in the 2000s, just after Azumanga Daioh.

It has a few seasons and even movies. And is a very slow-paced series as far as how it makes you feel watching it. But this is a good thing for relaxation.

Akari Mizunashi is an Undine, a type of person behind a company that helps “Canoe” people around the planet of Aqua, which is modelled after Venice in Italy.

As the wiki puts it:

“An Undine (ウンディーネ, Undīne) is a female water guide who take sightseers around Neo-Venezia on their gondolas. The job originated from Manhome and was introduced to Aqua.”

It’s a more futuristic version of Venice with slight changes.


7. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri nani face

Yuru Yuri is the inspiration that followed because of K-On. The anime takes a slightly different approach, especially since the anime has elements of fanservice and innuendos, but it’s still within the “Moe” genre.

The anime has become successful over the years since the 2010s.

If you’re looking for something different to K-On in a lot of ways, but still the same in the obvious ways (Moe, character quantity, etc) this would be worth a try.


8. Comic Girls

Comic Girls anime manga script

Comic Girls features 4 girls, which is similar to K-On in its early stages. But the anime focuses on girls who are manga artists, have assistants, are at different points of their journey, and aspire to be successful in their careers.

This is in spite of the fact they’re already doing relatively well at their age.

Moeta, the main pink-haired girl is similar and can be compared to Yui Hirasawa for her personality and behaviour, or maybe Mio Akiyama would be a better example.


9. Barakamon

Barakamon handa miwa toma

Barakamon has a male character at the centre of it. His name is Seishuu Handa. He’s a caligrapher, an artist.

He has to live on a random island because of his behaviour. He assaulted (punched) a director who criticized his work, and Seishuu couldn’t take it.

His personal development journey starts the moment he lands on this new island, first with a kid named Naru who becomes a pest and an annoyance. But Handa soon realizes the necessity of this circumstance.

He starts to open his eyes to the world and improves his self-esteem along the way while meeting new people and experiencing new things, as well as pondering on other things to clarify his thoughts and feelings.

This anime might seem serious, but it’s lighthearted for a good majority of it.


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