You’ll Love These Anime Gift Ideas Worth Considering For HER

There are plenty of anime gifts worth considering on “her” birthday.

Whether that’s:

  • For a friend.
  • Partner.
  • Family member.

It’s something worth considering for each one, despite the differences.

Here are a bunch of ideas you should explore and keep in mind. 😎


Possible Gift Ideas For Female Anime Fans:


1. Anime jackets

Sailor Moon college star jacket.
Sailor Moon college star jacket.

It’s not just guys who appreciate anime clothing, if you get it right – women love them too.

Like the Sailor Moon jacket above, you can get something simple without it being over the top (unless that’s necessary).

And it’s a subtle way to show off an anime show you like because of its simple design.


2. Anime accessories

Sailor Moon Replica for Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
Sailor Moon Fragrance.
Sailor Moon Fragrance..

That’s right – the first image is the set of devices used by the Sailor Moon squad.

With the 2nd set of images being Sailor Moon fragrance for fans of the series.

This is only a small set of potential accessories, but this should give you a good idea of what to consider.

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3. Plush Toys

Plushies come in all different shapes and sizes. Taken usually from “Kawaii” anime shows like Pokemon (or One Piece Yugioh, etc).

Plush toys are an easy choice because:

  • They’re inexpensive.
  • Easy to ship (no worries of damage).
  • Likable.


4. Anime hats of all kinds

Sometimes you just want to kick back, chill and have fun. And there’s no better way to express that through your own clothing.

So with that in mind, anime hats like these are the perfect gift for that type of occasion.

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5. Anime figurines and Nendoroid’s

The kind of anime figure you consider for her comes down to what type of anime she’s into. And which types of characters.

With anime figures and Nendoroid’s it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole, because there’s so many choices to make.

So give this one some thought. Nendoroid’s in particular are a good choice for anime fans.

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6. Mini anime figures

Mini figures deserve a category of their own. Unlike most anime figures (even Nendoroid’s) they’re tiny. As small as 3 inches.

Sometimes smaller, sometimes slightly larger.

And they’re easier to maintain as they’re not as fragile as the more “high quality” figures on sale.

If you needed anime gift ideas besides Nendoroid figures, this is a good alternative.


7. Anime notebooks

Sailor Moon Notebook with Serena.

Notebooks are universal so there’s always something you can find regardless of gender or personal tastes.

And unlike other anime merchandise, this is a personal item used to record your thoughts. So the “appreciation factor” will go a long way with this. Especially since it’s a gift tailored for anime fans.

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