Anime Artists Wanted: Get Hired And Work With Anime Motivation

Anime Artist Wallpaper Cute Girl
Written by Theo J Ellis

This website is dedicated to anime fans, sharing life lessons, and these days, sharing news and going beyond for the community.

It’s where anime and motivation collide.

With the brand reaching millions, it’s time for an official anime mascot to represent it.

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The current mascot is called Hikari Yorokobi. But a talented artist is needed to recreate it, or create something brand new.

Preferably a black anime mascot character. Think of Crunchyroll‘s mascot (that kind of quality or better).

Hiring an anime artist for other projects would be great, too. An artist that will work with Anime Motivation directly.

If that sounds like something you can do and would be interested in, let’s talk.


Email: [email protected]


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