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Some Of The Most Educated Predictions For Anime Industry, And WHAT To Expect Going Forward

Anime Motivation isn’t always about what’s positive and cheerful.

Sometimes it’s about what’s dark, cloudy but truthful and honest. That’s motivation in itself.

And with that in mind, predictions for anime going forward into the future has a potential dark side to it. Regardless of all the good things that are happening.

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In 2019 we’ve had anime like Whethering With You top the charts and bring in $multi-millions again. On top of other milestones, we’re seeing.

Underneath that, especially when it comes to western anime companies and the culture we’re in, here’s what we can expect going forward.

Predictions in particular.


Predictions of the anime industry:


1. Anime dubs are going to get worse

I watch dubs and advocate for it more than most people do. That’s why I talk about stuff like this.

But the FUTURE of anime dubs, as far as I can see it will only get worse in the West.


Why the dramatic change?


censorship anime

censorship dragon ball z

This isn’t news really.

Anime outside of Japan has been censored before. And when anyone feels offended, so-called Feminists and SJW’S are quick to point fingers.

Remember the backlash for The Rising Of The Shield Hero?

The main problem is anime (in the west).

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was censored and the translated message was “spun” into something political and SJW-Like.

This isn’t the first time companies like Funimation have “changed” the wording when translating to fit a political agenda.

In other words: it’s not the first time they’ve bent over to political correctness.

A lot of this WILL infect anime companies in the west in future.

While the quality of dubs won’t necessarily degrade, the ethics and intentions of voice actors when translating WILL degrade in quality.


2. Japan’s “death by overwork” culture will have drastic effects

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It’s already been happening for ages now. I’m shocked at the amount of deaths in the anime industry, related to not just working, but an unhealthy lifestyle associated with it.

Working hard in itself isn’t a bad thing. I LOVE to work. But there’s a fine line.

Japan has reached a point where not only is it unhealthy based on how animators and artists are living, but when you factor that into the working conditions it’s a disaster.

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And this WILL affect the anime industry going forward to some degree.

We might start seeing less anime being produced on a yearly basis, which is sort of a good thing. Too many are being produced as it is.

But there’s a dark side to that since that will mean more animators may give up their passion (creating anime) because of the environment and conditions they’re forced to put up with.

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3. Some Western companies may attempt to “own” anime and FAIL

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The other day Funimation announced they’re merging with Aniplex. This means Funimation will be more powerful with 49 countries worldwide under their belt of distribution.

I suspect (which is typical of greedy companies) they’ll try creating their own anime… to the point where their anime are so good they can say “f*ck you” to Japan and claim anime for their own.

Or in other words – steal it and re-brand it without giving Japan any credit when it’s convenient.

With the recent scandals, drama, lay offs, audio leaks, Vic Mignogna news and more from Funimation, I wouldn’t put this idea past them.

It’s an unpopular thing to say and you might even consider it a conspiracy, but the proof is in the pudding as far as things stand in 2019.

netflix anime

There’s also Netflix and similar companies who “may” jump into the fray of anime. That includes companies like Apple who’ve shown interest in buying Sony (which means they’d own Funimation).

More so than Funimation, I get the feeling Netflix and companies like it are trying to create original anime that’s BETTER than homegrown anime in Japan. With the hopes of turning it into a “science” so they can eliminate the need to buy licenses from Japan.

That would mean Japanese anime wouldn’t be needed and they’d control the market in the west. And in the end that would mean a sugar coated product.

censorship in anime

The point I’m making is this: The US is starting to see how important anime is in the entertainment business. They’re starting to take it seriously.

And as with any growing industry, culture vultures are bound to come running to the industry to make money off it. Then run off without putting money back into the art form.

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4. Piracy will continue to dominate

marika kato pirate anime

Piracy isn’t going anywhere. And out of all the entertainment businesses out there, anime has it the worst.

Piracy has the industry in a coma right now.

No matter how hard the Japanese attempt to “shut down” websites, the fans vote for pirate sites by NOT paying for streaming services. Or expensive DVD’S that aren’t worth the cost.

anime dvds meme

And at the moment – Japan doesn’t seem to care too much about piracy, in the sense that they’re not doing anything to fix it.

Piracy is a service problem when all is said and done, and it’s about time Japan wakes up and smells the coffee..

And if they don’t?

I guess the industry will continue to bleed, because so many of us have no incentive to “streaming services filled with region blocks.


5. The anime industry’s bubble will “POP”

anime industry dark side

Anime is problematic. It’s been around for SO LONG at this point, and even though it rakes in $19billion+ a year, the artists and employees suffer.

Studios still don’t pay their workers what you’d consider a “fair” amount. Or studios are just wilfully ignorant (with the exception of studios like Kyoani).

Japan is conservative when it comes to business, too, which is the exact problem.

The anime industry NEEDS change, and innovation is necessary.


How long can this continue before the industry collapses on itself?

mikoto misaka fear

I think at some point in the future we’re gonna see something like the dot com crash or the recession in 2008–2009.

That’s assuming Japan continues to twiddle their thumbs and cross their fingers as if the problem will somehow fix itself.

That’s not the only things I expect in the ”dark” future of anime. Piracy, artists leaving the industry because it’s too much to bear, and plenty of other sh*t is gonna happen if you ask me.

anime streaming services

And as for companies in the west like Netflix attempting to make “original” anime, while the idea is sound, they’ll fail if they have the wrong intentions.

anime like the Japanese.

Money should be put back into funding Japanese companies, studios and artists to preserve the culture.

I believe that’s the right intent for these companies to follow. Regardless of whether they continue to create original anime for the west or not.

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That’s better than streaming services “lining their own pockets” and finding a way to abandon the industry altogether (which some companies will try).

And there aren’t many companies in positions of power who can be trusted with “doing the right thing” for the anime industry.

That’s how I feel. Especially in the hyper sensitive P.C. culture we live in today.


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