15 Kawaii Anime Figures That Will Make You Blush

Mikoto Misaka Railgun

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One of the most popular videos on YouTube are those of “cute” cat videos.

And in the same way, cute things in our society are admired, loved, and adored.

And the cutest of things are bound to make you blush. Like a laughing baby or a moe anime girl.

If you’re on the hunt for something Kawaii as an anime collector, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Here are 15 Kawaii Anime Figures worth checking out and adding to your wishlist.


Kawaii Anime Figures You Need To Buy:


1. Hatsune Miku Symphony Nendoroid

4580416906920 figure hatsune miku symphony 2018 2019 ver character vocal series 01 nendoroid primary

Hatsune Miku Symphony Nendoroid


1st up is Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid singer known by anime fans worldwide.

Licensed by Good Smile.


2. Elf Yamada Eromanga Sensei Nendoroid

4580416905213 figures elf yamada eromanga sensei nendoroid primary

Elf Yamada Nendoroid


2nd we have Elf Yamada. One of the characters taken from Eromanga Sensei.

Two red ribbons are included alongside her hair and dress.

Licensed by Kotobukiya.


3. Hanayo Koizumi Festival Love Live Figure

hanayo koizumi figurine

Hanayo Koizumi Love Live Statue


Kawaii figurine of Hanayo Koizumi, the shy character from Love Live with a gentle personality.

Officially licensed figurine by Alter!


4. Raphtalia Nendoroid The Rising Of Shield Hero

4580416908467 figure raphtalia the rising of the shield hero nendoroid primary

Raphtalia Nendoroid Figure


Raphtalia, the anime community’s favorite Waifu in 2019 is now a nendoroid figurine!

Officially licensed by Good Smile Company.


5. Rem Knit Dress Cute ReZero PVC Statue

rem knitted figure taito prize

Rem Knit Dress Figure


Rem, the world famous maid from the top rated 2016 anime: ReZero!

Rem’s personality is infused into this figurine, licensed by Taito Prize.


6. Sakura Kinomoto Cute Nendoroid Good Smile

sakura kinomoto tomoeda junior high uniform ver cardcaptor sakura clear card nendoroid

Sakura Kinomoto Nendoroid on Sale


Sakura Kinomoto Nendoroid figure. The main star of the old school classic: Cardcaptor Sakura!

She comes with her regular school uniform and even her magic wand and a bright smile. 🙂

Licensed by Good Smile.


7. Gabriel Dropout Kawaii Nendoroid Figure

4996697020017 figure gabriel gabriel dropout nendoroid primary

Gabriel Dropout Nendoroid


Gabriel Dropout Nendoroid figure. The girl herself makes an appearance, courtesy of Good Smile Company!

Now in Nendoroid-form. With 3 face plates and more out the box.


8. Honoka Kousaka Cheerleader Figure

honoka kousaka love live cheerleader

Honoka Kousaka Figfix Figure


The cheerful, energetic Honoka Kousaka now comes as a cheerleader figurine. With her usual happy expression!

Officially licensed by Max Factory.


9. Racing Miku GT Project Figma Hatsune

racing miku 2019 ver hatsune

Racing Miku 2019 Figma


Racing Miku Hatsune Figure 2019. Officially licensed by Max Factory.

This figure comes with Miku’s on stage poses when she’s performing, and some mouth movements to bring her to life!


10. Mio Honda Idolmaster Cinderella Figma

mio honda figma project

Mio Honda Idolmaster Figma


Mio Honda comes with a cute set of poses and moveable parts so you can relive the Idolmaster experience!

Officially licensed by Max Factory, this is a quality figurine that will last you for years to come.


11. Eli Ayase Action Figma

eli ayase figma

Eli Ayase Figma Love Live


Eli Ayase, the Student Council president in the Love Live series. She comes with her usual school uniform and a set of facial expressions.

Officially licensed figurine by Max Factory.


12. Sayaka Miki Madoka Magica Kimono Figure

856137005926 figure Puella Magi Madoka Magica Figure Kimono Sayaka Miki 1 8 Import US Can primary

Sayaka Miki Kimono Figure


Sayaka Miki, one of the main five magical girls from Madoka Magica, comes in a beautiful blue Kimono. Matching her hair color and magical girl style.

Officially licensed figurine by Aniplex.


13. Rimuru Tempest Nendoroid Figure

rimuru tempest nendoroid

Rimuru Tempest Nendoroid Slime


Rimuru Tempest, one of 2019’s favorite anime characters from the Isekai series: Tensei Slime!

Rimuru comes with the slime (himself) carried within his hands. And his usual smiling expression, plus more out the box.

Officially licensed by Good Smile Company.


14. Taki Tachibana Your Name Nendoroid Action Figure

4580416903868 figure taki tachibana your name nendoroid primary

Taki Tachibana Nendoroid


From the famous anime movie that’s killing it in sales: Your Name!

One of the main characters: Taki Tachibana now comes as a Nendoroid with all the right accessories, parts and face plates a fan could hope for.

Licensed by Good Smile Company.


15. Eriri Spencer Nendoroid Saekano

4580416908399 figure eriri spencer sawamura kimono ver saekano nendoroid primary

Eriri Spencer Nendoroid Saekano


Eriri Spencer, the famous artist from the anime: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend!

Eriri Spencer comes with a facial expression that’s warm and relaxed. With more face plates to help you relive the Tsundere’s “moments” in the anime series!

Officially licensed Nendoroid by Good Smile Company.


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