Has Anyone Company Or Person Offered To Buy Anime Motivation

Has Anyone Ever Offered To Buy Anime Motivation?

The short answer is yes.

When I started building Anime Motivation back in 2016, May, I never had any intention of selling the website, and everything I was working on.

That would explain why when offers have been put on the table to buy Anime Motivation, I declined.

The offers never got to the final stages (like how Crunchyroll and Sony had a drawn-out process for example), because I never entertained it to that degree.

One of the buyers was an anime brand that owns multiple businesses in the anime industry.

The other (or others) were individuals unrelated to the industry in general, and all things in between.

Was it a smart decision to turn down offers to sell Anime Motivation in hindsight? That’s hard to say.

On one hand, I’d be doing or building other projects if that was the case, some would have been a lot sooner.

On the other hand, I may have done a bad deal and regretted the decision when thinking about what I could have done in the future and what I could have changed or done differently in general.

Or I would have put the money into something entirely different outside of business (it wouldn’t have been the type of money like with Sony and Crunchyroll, but still).

If more offers came about in the future from today, my decisions and my thinking would be a little different.

It’s obvious I’ve built something worthwhile enough that it was considered in the first place.

The Industry in 2024 looks completely different in terms of anime blogs, websites, streaming, revenue, business, and all the rest of it.

But the idea of building new things into Anime Motivation and challenging myself to see what I can do with it is something I love the thought of doing.

There’s a reason Anime Motivation isn’t like other anime websites.

There’s also a reason why its been copied to death with so many attempts to steal and repackage its content it’s ridiculous thinking about it (imitation is a form of flattery).

That probably played and will play a role in where Anime Motivation ends up in the future whether it continues to be independent or owned by someone else. Or whenever I scrap it?

It already is “level” with websites 100X bigger as far as those with more leverage, finance, size, and reach despite Anime Motivation being independent. So what I’ve managed to do is nothing short of madness in practice.

So there’s also that to take into account when deciding.

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