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The Greatest List Of Canaan Quotes Worth Sharing

Canaan anime quotes taken from characters: Maria Oosawa. Canaan. Siam. Canaan is an action series with similarities[...]

A Collection Of Kimi To Boku Quotes For Slice Of Life Fans

Kimi To Boku Quotes taken from characters: Asaba Yuuki. Asaba Yuta. Kaname Tsukahara. Kimi To Boku is[...]

9 Recommended Anime From Silver Link Studios Worth Watching

Silver Link isn’t my favorite anime studio, but a few of my favorites come from[...]

11+ Of The Best Anime Friendship Life Lessons You Need To Know

Friendship means different things to different people. And anime has friendship life lessons for all[...]

20+ Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Quotes Fans Will Love

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan quotes taken from characters: Ikki Kurogane. Stella Vermillion. Nene Saikyo. Shizuku Kurogane.[...]

A List Of Meaningful Quotes From Gakuen Alice For Shoujo Fans

Gakuen Alice quotes taken from characters: Izumi Yukihira. Yuu Tobita. Mikan Sakura. Amane Rui. Natsume Hyuga.[...]

This Is Why Anime Will Never Be Politically Correct (Regardless Of Outrage Culture)

I don’t know or can’t say WHAT they had in mind when anime was first[...]

The 19+ Greatest Shinsekai Yori Quotes For Horror Fans

Shinsekai Yori Quotes taken from characters: Maria Akitsuki. Saki Watanabe. Shun Aonuma. Satoru Asahina. Squealer. Tomiko[...]

9 Of The Greatest Doga Kobo Anime You NEED To Watch!

Doga Kobo is an anime studio similar to Kyoto Animation. Mostly for its “anime shows.[...]

25+ Classic Oh My Goddess Quotes For Romance Fans

Oh My Goddess quotes taken from characters: Belldandy. Celestine. Skuld. Urd. Morgan Le Fey. The Almighty.[...]

The Best List Of Haibane Renmei Quotes To Remember

Haibane Renmei quotes worth sharing from characters: Rakka. Reki. Kuu. Renmei Communicator. Haibane Renmei is a fantasy/mystery[...]

The 17+ Best Casshern Sins Quotes With A Purpose!

Casshern Sins quotes taken from characters: Dune. Casshern. Luna. Dio. Braiking Boss. Casshern Sins is an anime[...]

The Most Impressive Nabari no Ou Quotes About Life

Nabari no Ou quotes taken from characters: Kouichi Aizawa. Kourin Shimuzu. Yoite. Durandal Tobari Kumohira. Shijima[...]

Q & A Interview With Author Of Orisha Manga (Saturday AM)

“Long before our time, the sky father OLORUN ruled over the realms of man. Before[...]

41+ Meaningful Tower Of God Quotes For Fans Of The Series

Tower Of God quotes taken from characters: Ja Wangnan. Rachel. Twenty Fifth Beam. Urek Mazino. Tower[...]

Why Vic Mignogna’s Still More Popular Than Jamie Marchi & Monica Rial

If you want the FULL, non-bias story of how this started: The Truth About Vic’s[...]

18+ GREAT Love Live Sunshine Quotes Fans Don’t Wanna Miss

Love Live Sunshine quotes taken from characters: Chika Takami. Riko Sakurauchi. Dia Kurosawa. Kanan Matsuura. Tsushima[...]

A Collection Of 16+ Meaningful Quotes From Special A!

Special A anime quotes taken from characters: Kei Takashima. Megumi Yamamoto. Hikari Hanazono. Tadashi Karino. Akira[...]

A Collection Of Eyeshield 21 Quotes That Will Leave A Good Impression

Eyeshield 21 anime quotes taken from characters: Gen Takekura. Taro Raimon. Hiruma Yoichi. Anezaki Mamori. Eyeshield[...]

So Called Anime Journalism, And How Everyone’s In It For Clicks & Views

“Everyone” is a LOT of people. It’s not literal. But that should be obvious. This[...]