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The Greatest Paprika Anime Quotes For Fans Of This Classic

Paprika anime quotes taken from characters: Atsuko Chiba. Kosaku Tokita. Kei Himuro. Torataro Shima. Doctor Konakawa.[...]

Paving the Way for Diversity: Saturday AM Highlights Black Manga Characters

At the World’s MOST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA COMICS anthology, not only does Saturday AM want[...]

The 16+ Greatest Rewrite Quotes Anime Fans Shouldn’t Miss

Rewrite anime quotes taken from characters: Kotori Kanbe. Akane Senri. Kotarou Tennouji. Kagari. Lucia Konohana. Sakuya[...]

The Best Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Quotes For Anime Fans

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha quotes taken from characters: Maou. Yusha. Onna Kishi. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a romance/demon[...]

24 Of The Smallest Anime Characters You’ll Ever Come Across

“Small” anime characters, girls or boys are pretty common. Especially if we’re talking about Loli’s[...]

The Greatest Mekakucity Actors Quotes That Stand The Test Of Time

Mekakucity Actors quotes taken from characters: Kisaragi Shintaro. Kido Tsubomi Kano Shuuya. Enomoto Takane. Tateyama[...]

45+ Of The Greatest Beyblade Quotes Fans Won’t Forget

Beyblade anime quotes taken from the following characters: Kai Hiwatari. Free Da La Hoya. Shu Kurenai.[...]

The Never Ending “Subbed Vs Dubbed” Argument, And Why It Exists

The subbed vs dubbed anime debate never ends. People are always talking about it because[...]

The 30+ Greatest Zetsuen No Tempest Quotes Of All Time

Zetsuen No Tempest anime quotes taken from characters: Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro Fuwa. Hakaze Kusaribe. Aika Fuwa.[...]

How To Spot Fake Anime Fans And Why They Exist

Fake anime fans are more common in 2020 than they’ve ever been. And like other industries[...]

11+ Anime Companies And Studios That Went Bankrupt In The Last 4 Decades

Anime companies and studios have it harder than other industries. The anime industry is a[...]

Anime Elitists, And How They Ruin The Community For All Of Us

Anime elitists are like racists. They put you down to lift themselves up and believe you’re[...]

The 13+ Best Mondaiji Tachi Quotes That Stand Out

Mondaiji Tachi quotes taken from characters: Izayoi Sakamaki. Leticia Draculea. Azi Dahaka. Saigou Homura. Problem Children[...]

The Best 20+ “Air” Anime Quotes For Fans To Remember

Air Anime quotes taken from characters: Yukito Kunisaki. Michiru. Misuzu Kamio. Minagi Tohno. Haruka Kamio. Kano[...]

Anime Clickbait, Outrage Culture, And How Influencers Make It Worse

Clickbaiters, outrage nutjobs, and people who’s entire business is built around hype and bullshit seems[...]

The Greatest List Of Canaan Quotes Worth Sharing

Canaan anime quotes taken from characters: Maria Oosawa. Canaan. Siam. Canaan is an action series with similarities[...]

A Collection Of Kimi To Boku Quotes For Slice Of Life Fans

Kimi To Boku Quotes taken from characters: Asaba Yuuki. Asaba Yuta. Kaname Tsukahara. Kimi To Boku is[...]

9 Recommended Anime From Silver Link Studios Worth Watching

Silver Link isn’t my favorite anime studio, but a few of my favorites come from[...]

11+ Of The Best Anime Friendship Life Lessons You Need To Know

Friendship means different things to different people. And anime has friendship life lessons for all[...]

20+ Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Quotes Fans Will Love

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan quotes taken from characters: Ikki Kurogane. Stella Vermillion. Nene Saikyo. Shizuku Kurogane.[...]