Whos Qualified To Judge Anime Feat. Theo J Ellis From Animemotivation.jpg

Who’s Qualified to Judge Anime? (Feat. Theo J Ellis from AnimeMotivation)


We got a guest this week coming all the way from across the pond, let’s welcome Theo Ellis the founder of AnimeMotivation.com to this week on just having a conversation about the industry, the community and about the latest Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

In March 2021, a month before the interview with Suuuper Anime Podcast about Crunchyroll, Wannabeaboo Podcast members Jomel Socorro & Jarron Gaddis.

This podcast Interview goes on for around 1:39 minutes, so I get to talk a lot, listen a lot, laugh a lot, and have a good conversation with members of the Wannabeaboo podcast.

Have a listen!