Theo J Ellis Talks Diversity, Representation And Free Anime! Suuuper Anime Podcast

Theo J Ellis Talks Diversity, Representation and FREE Anime?! | Suuuper Anime Podcast

In episode 11 of The Suuuper Anime Podcast, Edward invited Theo J Ellis, the founder of Anime Motivation on the podcast to have a chat.

The conversation involved:

  • Black representation in the anime community.
  • Diversity in the anime industry, and what that looks like plus whether it’s needed or not.
  • Black characters.
  • Viewpoints.

And plenty more.

Or in the words of Suuuper Anime Podcast:

On this episode we had Theo J Ellis who is the founder and owner of the #1 anime site in the UK – Anime Motivation

We discuss the following things:

  • What cosplay character would he dress as at an anime convention?
  • How he started Anime Motivation and what the motivation was for doing so?
  • The portrayal and representation of black and characters in anime and what representation means in the anime industry?
  • The need for more diversity of people of color in anime in general.
  • The future of anime and where he sees it going in the next 5 – 10 years?

Take a listen to the podcast.