Theo J Ellis Featured In Live Panel With Saturday Am, Discussing The Fun And Frustration Of Being A Black Anime Fan (1)

Theo J Ellis Hosts LIVE Panel With Saturday AM, Discussing “The Fun and Frustration of being a Black Anime Fan”

YouTube video

During January/February 2021, I was invited to host a panel with Saturday AM during their LIVE con.

The live con discussed many different topics, and I was hosting one in particular.

That topic was: The Fun and Frustration of being a Black Anime Fan.

This panel featured me, and also Apollo Fresh & Kiera Please.

Theo J Ellis Saturday Con 2022 Live Apollo Fresh & Kiera Please

You can see me on the third picture from the left, smiling my ass off.

While the opportunity to host the live con was good, it started off horribly.

I couldn’t hear people on my end, and they couldn’t hear me either (which is seen in the first minute or so of the video).

I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been, but otherwise, the rest of the panel went reasonably well.

I took something from the experience despite it not going as well as I wanted.

Also, during this time, I was going through major health problems and I should have not bothered doing the panel at all or working in any capacity for that matter.

I was in pain (heart problems) but I couldn’t take the idea of sitting around for months or another year not being able to work (that’s what happened by the way and now I’m glad in hindsight).

I pushed myself too hard.

Anyway, have a listen!

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