Talking Crunchyroll Awards; Are The Awards Bias Slice Of Life Recommendations, Future Anime Releases + Much More With Anime Motivation Founder

Are The Awards Bias? Future Anime Releases + More With Theo J Ellis (Podcast)


“Our single biggest post has reached 16m views”  – Theo Anime Motivation Founder

In this episode we celebrate Anime motivations 3rd appearance on the show. Theo has been a judge on the previous 2 Crunchyroll awards and gives us his interesting perspectives into how the awards are judged and decided.

NOTE: That number has been surpassed now.

After being invited to join the Crunchyroll anime awards for the 2nd time, Theo J Ellis was invited to the Suuuper Anime Podcast to have a sitdown about it.

Plus various other topics like:

  • The future of the anime industry and anime itself.
  • Bias in the Crunchyroll anime awards from judges and Crunchyroll itself.
  • Recommendations, including the genre slice of life.

And much more in this 41 minute podcast interview.

This Interview was released literally the day I came home from a Funeral.

Have a listen.


Discussion points: 

  • Crunchyroll awards
  • Are the awards bias?
  • Anime Motivation traffic numbers
  • Saturday AM, Saturday Con session!
  • Theo gives so many great anime “slice of life” recommendations
  • We also discuss what anime; Anime Motivation is looking forward to
  • Theo answers what would he like to see improved in anime?
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