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Anime Motivation Is Now Translated In 20+ Languages

Translating anime motivation into multiple languages has always been a goal for some years now.

As far back as 2019.

But the problem with translation on the internet (and with websites) is unless you had groups of investors backing you, or corporate levels of finance, it was difficult to get access to it.

Especially if we’re talking about translating 1000’s of articles in not just one language, but dozens of relevant languages across the world to the fans.

Many of them all love, appreciate, tune into, and follow anime and the industry as a whole.

Anime Cute Girl Love Heart Arrow

But with time comes progress, and with progress comes cheaper services because of SCALE.

Scale = being able to do the same thing multiple times over without increasing costs, effort, or any other factor (like publishing an article and having it reach 100,000s despite publishing it once).

That day has come and now Anime Motivation is translated into multiple languages!

These languages include:

  • French.
  • Italian.
  • Spanish.
  • German.
  • Japanese.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Thai.
  • Korean.
  • Romanian.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Urdu.
  • Arabic.
  • Turkish.
  • Portuguese.

And many more.

Here’s the button so you can test it for yourself.


So any time an article, content, product, etc, is published on any of Anime Motivation’s websites (including the shop), that page will also be translated automatically into multiple languages.

Expect more tweaks, changes, new ideas and innovations in the future.

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