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Vanilla Hentai Mangaka “Miyabe Kiwi” Passes Away For Unknown Reasons

Vanilla Hentai Mangaka "Miyabe Kiwi" Passes Away For Unknown Reasons
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Miyabe Kiwi, a vanilla Hentai writer of unknown age has passed away. The news was announced on Twitter.

A manga magazine called Comic Hot Milk made the announcement, saying she’s been dead since January 2nd 2022. The family have been mourning her death in silence since then.

The reason for Miyabe Kiwi’s passing is unknown, and likely never will be unless more details are intentionally released.

Miyabe kiwi tweet passing comic hot milk


A wholesome hentai writer

eat in hentai miyabe kiwi cover

Miyabe Kiwi is most known for her Hentai manga called Eat In. As a hentai vanilla writer (vanilla meaning wholesome) the manga offers more than just nudity or the like.

The wholesomeness surrounding the main characters, relaxing moments, cute chapters and more is what makes this manga in particular shine.

It’s a fan favorite for many.



Of course there are LEWD moments in this Hentai manga. It goes without saying, but vanilla Hentai, or Eat In to be specific adds something more divine and pleasant to the table.

You can find it on all the relevant Hentai sites, including Nhentai.

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