Harem Heroes: Build Your Legion Of Hentai Maidens (Review)

Harem Heroes Hentai Game Review (1)
Written by Mahathir M

Are you looking for a erotic game with unique plot, character, gameplay , art and lewd scene?

Harem Hero is the answer of your question.

Harem Heroes is a game based on a virtual novel with an adventure role-playing game that was created in 2016 and released in 2017 by kinkoid studio. This is one of their best games.

Uniquely combining the erotic visual novel adventure with role-playing games was their main concept of this game at that time.

Not only combining the genre, this game also mixes up some other universe characters and plot and then brings it with their own unique story.


The story

Harem Heroes tell the story of a man named Hero, a student who suddenly moves to another world called the haremverse.

He accidentally eats a demon vegetable which makes him gain the power to become the main erotic protagonist.

He meets Bunny Carrot, a person who introduced him to the world’s sex-positive culture and sends him on an adventure and journey through the haremverse.

As the title suggests, the main goal of this hero is to become a real hero who is surrounded by a harem of girls.

harem heroes nutaku cover hentai

Harem Heroes come with a very interesting, funny story. The plot will not make you bored playing this game again and again and you’ll want to finish every sequel of the story,.

Although, for some people the story plot of this game is considered uninteresting, so it’s not for everyone.

The element of taking references from other stories makes Harem Heroes unpredictable, which is fun.

Moreover, the gameplay of Harem Heroes will make you more curious about what we can do in this game besides enjoying harems and erotica.

Like other Nutaku games, harem heroes is also one of the games that make us collect girls provided by the developer to fight with us in addition to having sex with us.

Not only that, we have to train the girls to be stronger to unlock special features on each girl.


300+ women

harem heroes naughty scene

in Harem Heroes, there are at least more than 300 women with various sex and lewd scenes.

Besides providing a huge number of girls in this game, it also offers beautiful graphics that will make you fall in love with every detail.

Each character is shown in detail starting from:

  • facial expressions
  • clothes
  • body curves

Accompanied by well-made lewd scenes making players think this is one of the best f2p games in various aspects.

The uncensored content is part of the allure of harem heroes that will make players feel like playing continuously.

The game doesn’t provide special sound effects and voice actors on the characters though, but there’s good music.

Keep this detail in mind.

harem heroes hentai scene game

if you are looking for a free to play game on Nutaku that is worth playing, harem heroes is a game that has good potential to be played by players in Nutaku.

If you’re looking for a nice looking and exiting erotic VN/RPG, then you should give “Harem Heroes” a try.

The gameplay system is also very interactive, supported by various features. what’s more, visually this game is still very interesting and unique to play.

However, as usual, when it comes to F2P games, progress is limited for the player itself.

It’s available to be played on web platforms and mobile platforms, which can be downloaded exclusively.


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