13+ Clean Animes That Don’t Include Sex, Fan-Service Or Ecchi Content

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Anime shows with sexual tendencies and fan-service is a cliche used even more than toilet paper.

And as the year 2018 begins to unfold, it’s doubtful this trend will slowdown.

It’s not that those types of anime are bad, but that most shows are badly executed.

So if you’re looking for a clean anime to watch without fan-service, I’ve got a list for you.

Check out these 10 anime shows that put quality before typical tropes and bad fan-service…


1. Sakura Quest

clean anime to watch

This anime is about the revival of a once booming village, called: Manoyama.

In 2017, Sakura Quest is one of the stand-out animes I’ve watched.

Not only is there no fan-service (Ecchi, etc), but the character development is spot-on.

Even support characters get some love in a way that makes you care about each character.

It’s rare for anime these days to do that well-enough to get you interested.

And the level of attachment makes each character memorable.

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2. Barakamon

clean anime to watch

A calligrapher named: Seishuu Honda punches his director in the face after his work is criticized.

And so: Seishu’s sent off to an island to learn from his mistake and improve his attitude.

I loved Barakamon from the first episode, which is rare for the average anime.

If you never thought a slice of life without fan-service was possible, Barakamon does a beautiful job of it.

Despite there being a couple female characters and less males, Barakamon avoids fan-service at all costs.

And not in a way that’s obvious either. Which makes Barakamon one of the cleanest, most refreshing shows ever aired.


3. Tamako Market

clean anime to watch

Tamako Market is about a small market-town, and their particular Japanese dish: Mochi!

I don’t hear many people singing recommendations for Tamako Market, which is why I was interested.

What you get from Tamako Market is a laid back, care-free anime with light comedy and a sense of calmness.

Even the romance elements don’t interfere with the story and pacing of each episode.

If you’ve watched Romance, you know how many anime get this one thing wrong. Most of the time.


4. Flying Witch

clean anime to watch

Flying Witch is about a witch in training, who goes by the name of: Makoto Kowata.

She’s sent off to live with relatives in the countryside to develop independence and a range of skills.

If you know how a soft comfy pillow feels, this describes the feeling of Flying Witch.

Watching this anime will relax, calm, and soothe your soul down to its core.

I doubt there’s an anime series more nice or relaxing than Flying Witch.

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5. Sunday Without God

clean anime to watch

God decides to pack his bags and abandon the world on Sunday.

And the world is thrown into chaos because of his actions.

That’s the main concept behind Sunday Without God.

While it’s not as relaxing as the last few anime I mentioned, Sunday Without God tells a unique story.

You’ll also find no Ecchi, sex, or inappropriate content floating around in this anime series.

But what you’ll find is mysterious characters, a curious storyline, and some philosophical element that will grab your interest.


6. Alice & Zouroku

clean anime to watch

Sana, a girl who has the power to create anything by imagining it is held prisoner in a laboratory.

In episode 1, she manages to escape and is hunted down by her captives (who are unsuccessful at first).

Eventually Sana meets an old man named Zouroku in a convenience shop, and that’s where the animes name comes from.

Similar to Sunday Without God, Alice & Zouroku is filled with a dark, mysterious storyline.

At the same time, this anime is like Flying Witch, as it has tender moments that feel relaxed and chilled.

And occasionally, you’ll get some good-action you’ll love as a fan of supernatural animes.

But one thing you WON’T get is fan-service, which is why I recommend it.

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7. A Silent Voice

clean anime to watch

Shouko Nishimiya is a deaf disabled girl who’s bullied by her classmates.

Years later there are consequences for a few of the bullies actions.

What “A Silent Voice” does well is highlight bullying in a realistic way.

Because let’s keep it real, this type of bullshit happens in schools every single day.

And it even happens to disabled children for no fault of their own.

You should watch A Silent Voice if you want an anime that will touch your heart and stir your emotions.


8. School Live

clean anime to watch

School Live is about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Sounds unoriginal, doesn’t it? But originality is overrated.

How this anime executes its message, story, characters personalities and emotions is where it shines.

Like the main character: Yuki Takeya who has PTSD (Psychosis), a mental illness caused by emotional distress.

I’d watch it if you’re into horror/school shows with a dark, meaningful twist.


9. Hyouka

clean anime to watch

Hyouka is a slice of life anime that focuses on storytelling and mysteries.

One thing that’s amazing about Hyouka is how it takes boring topics and gives them life.

It’s the closest thing you’ll get to “detective work” dressed up as an innocent, light-hearted anime series.

If you’re the philosophical type who loves to think about the anime you’re watching, Hyouka’s perfect.

And of course – fan-service (except 1 special episode) doesn’t exist here.


10. The Royal Tutor

clean anime to watch

The Royal Tutor, released in 2017, focuses on 4 young princes living in a palace.

Heine Wittgenstein (main character) is hired to tutor all 4 princes to prepare them to become king in future.

If you’ve watched Assassination Classroom or Denpa Kyoushi, this anime has a similar concept.

You’ll learn about philosophy, self-improvement, how to improve your confidence, communicate with others, etc.

And by time you’re finished with The Royal Tutor, you’ll have a new appreciation for animation and storytelling.

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11. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends is an anime about humans and the animal kingdom.

Or put another way: a depiction of wild animals who can talk.

I thought it was strange at first, but the anime warmed on me. And it’s one of the cleanest, nicest anime you can watch with family, friends, or anyone without worrying.

Under the surface there’s a deep message about what it means to be human, how we fit into the world, the role of the animal kingdom and a little more.


12. Mitsuboshi Colors

mitsuboshi colors series

Mitsuboshi Colors is about 3 little kids who protect the “peace” within their city.

It’s a cute series that represents what it means to be a kid of this age. Where your imagination runs wild, you’re full of energy, and everything in the world seems fascinating.

This is part of the charm that makes this anime so clean, pure and clean enough to watch with anyone!


13. Hanayamata 

hanayamata series e1577022333969

Hanayamata is about Naru Sekiya, a shy, introverted girl. And Hana, a foreign student who persuades Naru into forming a group of girls who do “Yosakoi”.

Yosakoi is a type of freestyle Japanese dance (in real life) that has its own style and rythm. And Hanayamata, produced by Madhouse is based around it.

It’s about as clean and simple as you can get.


Other Clean Anime Shows Without Fan-service:

  • Squid Girl.
  • Gunslinger Girl.
  • Non Non Byori.
  • If It’s For My Daughter.
  • Mob Psycho 100.
  • Saiki K.
  • K-On.



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