YouTube DELETES Official Ishuzoku Reviewers Video For Policy Violation

ishuzoku reviewers ecchi moments

Ishuzoku Reviewers was controversial from the beginning. And we all knew that as fans.

Since it was announced late 2019 – a little controversy on Twitter was stirred up.

And since the past week – Ishuzoku Reviewers was REMOVED from Funimation‘s catalog. And Amazon followed suit by deleting it off their platform.


And Now YouTube has followed suit

In a message on the community tab of the channel, Kadokawa posted a message:

kadokawa statement ishuzoku reviewers

In a statement by Kadokawa, an official YouTube channel for uploading “official” anime content, they basically said Ishuzoku Reviewers got removed.

And they’re now fighting the policy violation to get it reinstated.

This is DESPITE Kadokawa being an official publisher on YouTube like Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Something about Ishuzoku Reviewers is getting US companies riled up.


Ishuzoku Reviewers Manga Chapters (related to the video deleted)


Source: Kadokawa



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