7+ Of The Biggest Life Lessons You Can Learn From World’s End Harem!

7+ Of The Biggest Life Lessons You Can Learn From World’s End Harem! (3)

World’s End Harem is an anime about the MK virus that kills off 99% of men, leaving literally 1% or less remaining.

The remainder of Men are tasked to impregnate as many women as possible to repopulate society. There’s a darker undertone to how and why this takes place that shows up later.

This post might seem like a joke, and to be honest I thought It would be a good laugh to do it, but still. Life lessons can be taken from anything and any anime.

Whether those life lessons are:

  • Inspirational.
  • Depressing.
  • Comedic.
  • Hilarious.

It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a lesson.

Here’s a list.

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World’s End Harem Life Lessons:


1. Supply And Demand

worlds end harem reito girls harem

World’s End Harem is a lesson in the concept of “supply and demand”. It’s an extreme version, but it plays into other life lessons later and the anime’s plot.

With there being like 5 men left, or not a lot in the grand scheme of things, and 100’s of millions of women, if not billions, the effects of supply and demand starts to show itself.

The term is about how the amount of something, whether there’s a lot or little of it, can effect the demand for that thing. Meaning how much people want it.

Women in this world are too plentiful, Men aren’t. And the MEN are literally preyed upon as a result of this imbalance.

Men are in such high demand because of having so little supply, that women treat them like God. And do whatever it takes to make sure they’re well and healthy.

They even build schools for Men that are full of women, but it comes at a price for the Men in this context.


2. Power corrupts people

mk virus worlds end harem anime episode 1

They power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This isn’t true for everyone, but it’s true for a lot of people who end up with power or absolute power.

World’s End Harem is ultimately about shady people in the background who you never see, who decided to create a pandemic for their own personal gain.

Very few characters are aware of this fact. The main character Reito was told this, and it’s the main reason why so many Men were killed off. It was in the name of profit, power, and personal gain.

Nothing more, nothing less. In this way the anime is more than an Ecchi and does have some darkish undertones that compliment the more fun, raunchy, Ecchi elements.

It goes further than this with characters like Karen who appear sweet, but feel nothing for the Men and the damage they’re potentially causing as a result of the powers that be.


3. Some people just wanna use you for personal gain

shota karen worlds end harem anime screenshot

World’s End Harem (Shuumatsu No Harem) is a prime example of how some people are out to use and abuse you for their personal gain. And will throw you out like garbage when they’re done.

Many women in this series are only thinking about themselves at the expense of Men, of which there are very few. And this puts the Men at a disadvantage since they have no real power.

They’re the ones being told what to do, and told to have sex and impregnate women for “the greater good” but it goes deeper than that. And you can see the psychological effects it has on some characters.


4. Objectification

shota karen shuumatsu no harem

This is probably one of the biggest and most glaring facts of the anime. The world has become so divided between gender (99% women, 1% Men) that everyone see’s each other as objects.

Of course the women see the Men as objects more than anything else, that’s a fact. And the overwhelming majority of women can only lead to that naturally.

But as is the case with some male characters, you can see that it happens on both ends. And it’s not surprising since they’re being objectified anyway, so they do the same.

shota yuzu worlds end harem anime

You can see this with the white haired male character Shota Doi, who’s name is ironic considering he’s being preyed on.

At first he falls in love with a female character, and vice versa it seems. But once he finds out the truth of the school that’s been built for him (to sleep with women only) he starts to objectify other women.

He’s hurt that he can’t see his first love, and it starts to visibly affect his personality.


5. Men can be victims, too

world end harem shota

Continuing on from my last point, it’s interesting how the world’s double standards always see women as victims and innocent children, and Men as monsters who are evil and bad.

At least in western society anyway.

What World’s End Harem shows you is the other side of the spectrum. From a man’s point of view. And you can see how characters like Shota are being victimized. In this case by women.

Not all the women are responsible in his case, but some like Karen definitely are. And are only using him for their experiments like a test subject.

They don’t give a shit about how the Men feel, only about what they’re told to do. Men also can’t leave “school” grounds without permission.


6. Too much of the same thing can get boring

kyoji hino group girls harem

Have you ever done something the exact same way, everyday, and eventually got bored of it? Even when that thing seemed so hype, exciting, and fun at first?

It’s the human condition. We can’t help it. Even the most exotic, luxurious thing can get boring if done every single day in the same way.

In the case of World’s End Harem, even sex can become boring and you get to see it through one of the male characters eyes. The blonde guy.

Men like him (Kyoji Hino) are having more sex than is even normal as it is. Men are being worked like machines and he starts to get bored and it affects his personality eventually.

He becomes a different person, and he starts having dark thoughts of sorts.

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7. Sex without love can be depressing

shota worlds end harem episode 3

Any normal guy in a universe like World’s End Harem would be fucking like a rabbit, and wouldn’t give a F about the “love” part of the equation.

Why would you when you basically choose any girl you want, and even pick up any girl you want from anywhere since you’re a lottery ticket?

Aa you watch the anime though you start to see how this affects all the male characters in different ways. It becomes meaningless for some, empty for others, and that leads to objectification.

Characters like Kyoji Hino end up doing certain things as a result, and characters like Shota end up being angry at how unemotional it all is.

World’s End Harem is an EXTREME case of this happening, but it’s still realistic since it can happen in real life.


World’s End Harem Life Lessons:

  • Supply And Demand.
  • Power corrupts people.
  • Some people just wanna use you for personal gain.
  • Objectification.
  • Men can be victims, too.
  • Too much of the same thing can get boring.
  • Sex without love can be depressing.

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