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The Hottest Anime Babes From World’s End Harem (Recommended)

World’s End Harem Girls Hot Sexy
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World’s End Harem had its fair share of controversy during the time it was airing. But now that’s coming to an end.

Just this week the anime’s final 11th episode aired, with a predictable conclusion of where things are headed next, if season 2 ever gets adapted.

One thing the anime consistently shown was anime girls who are:

  • Eye candy.
  • Waifu’s.
  • Sexy.
  • Beautiful.

And every other term to describe these celebreated women (in an Ecchi context).

Here’s the best the anime had to offer!

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World’s End Harem hot anime girls:


1. Karen Kamiya

Karen Kamiya worlds end harem

Karen Kamiya was one of the main characters of the show, even if she isn’t the MAIN character if you get what I’m saying.

She’s Doi-Kun’s assistant and has been from the beginning since he woke up from cold sleep. She’s the reason Doi-Kun’s life changes for the better.

Karen is one of the few girls in the entire series to NOT have sex or be shown having sexy time with any of the male characters.

She has more personality as a result and is a somewhat influential character in this anime.


2. Akira Todo

Akira Todo worlds end harem

Akira Todo is one of the common girls seen with Shota Sama or “Doi-Kun”, the white haired male character in the anime.

She’s one of the main characters with big assets and an important character in the volleyball club of the “special” school they attend.

Gentle, soft, despite being tall and she’s curvy in all the right places.

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3. Mira Suou

Mira Suou eating worlds end harem

Mira Suou is the girl that looks like Elisa, a girl Reito loves (a protagonist). Mira has the obvious big tiddies and lush figure, but she’s more than just that.

In the anime, she plays a role in helping Reito after he wakes up to a world where most Men have been wiped out. She initially plans to mate with Reito but he refuses because he wants to find a cure for the MK (man-killer) virus.

Even though Mira doesn’t have many facial expressions, she does show sadness, indifference, and in the end, she cries in front of Reito.

She respects the main character a lot.


4. Chloe Mansfield

worlds end harem chloe mansfield

Chloe Mansfield is a blonde girl who comes into the picture a little later. She’s American, which makes her a distinction since most girls are Japanese.

Unlike most girls in the anime, Chloe is in Japan on a mission, though she comes off as shady and hard to figure out as far as her true motives.

She knows how to communicate, deceive, get along, and persuade others, and knows how to use the right words or her beauty to get what she wants.

She’s also more dangerous than she appears to be and basically embodies the toxic feminist mindset.


5. Natsu Ichijou

Natsu Ichijou sexy hot worlds end harem 1

Natsu Ichijou is one of Shota Sama’s girls and she’s part of his unexpected harem in the anime series.

She’s a good swimmer like the girls around her, is the daughter of the Ichijou family, and has the star sign of Cancer.

Unlike some other characters, she depends a lot on other people to do things for her but is one of the most cheerful girls.


6. Elisa Tachibana
Elisa Tachibana worlds end harem

Elisa Tachibana is the childhood friend of Reito, the male MC of the series. And the only guy who chooses NOT to have sex or mate with other girls in the anime.

There’s a reason. Elisa is the love of Reito’s life, and Reito is the one Elisa loves. Her goal is to meet with Reito more than anything else.

As the anime closes off, Elisa gets to meet Reito once again, and they catch up together.

Elisa is one of the girls in the anime who’s both good looking, and offers more to the story than just being sexy or eye candy.


7. Rikka Yanagi

Rikka Yanagi worlds end harem

Rikka Yanagi is one of the more talkative, chipper, and extroverted girls of the World’s End Harem series.

She can act bratty and easily gets annoyed when she doesn’t get what she wants, but it’s usually in an endearing way since she’s really fishing for attention and validation.

She’s a lot bolder than other girls when it comes to going after what she wants but can be insecure and needy as well.


8. Yuzuki Hanyu

Yuzuki Hanyu tiddies worlds end harem

Yuzuki Hanyu is the school teacher for Doi-Kun, aka Shota from the World’s End Harem series. And she’s one of the first women to show up in the series.

During the first few episodes, Yuzuki Hanyu is seen around Shota, who grows to respect Yuzuki as a person and as his teacher.

Eventually, this leads to sex, during which Yuzuki realizes Shota is a virgin and so she takes the lead the first time around.

This then leads both characters to fall in love with each other as their relationship grows bit by bit, and as this happens Yuzuki is “sent away” from the school and never returns.

Shota is never told the real reason for this, but it’s probably because of how it would interfere with the overall agenda of the government.

Yuzuki and Shota’s “arc” is actually one of the better parts of the entire anime series.


9. Erika

erika worlds end harem

Erika is one of the girls who actually has an ugly start to the series. She’s the one who took part in Shota Sama’s traumatic experiences at school.

He’s bullied, beaten up, abused, mocked, embarrassed, and much worse. Erika sees all of it and doesn’t give a F.

Years later after her friends die and Shota is now a powerful person, she’s forced to do what she’s told. And is “tamed” by his assistant.

She might be “hot”, but underneath she’s a horrible person and is addicted to drugs as well.


10. Akane Ryuuzouji

Akane Ryuuzouji worlds end harem

Akane is the nurse who attempts to rape the main character: Reito in the World’s End Harem series. It’s messed up and is an easy detail to pretend never happened.

She’s a woman after all.

She’s easily one of the most attractive girls in the series and becomes an important character who helps Reito throughout the anime’s plot.

Given what happens early in the anime, it highlights another set of double standards that many people ignored or turned away from.


11. Isurugi Neneko

usurugi neneko worlds end harem

Isurugi Neneko is the assistant of Hino, one of the only Men who are still alive in the World’s End Harem series.

She always has a professional attitude, similar to Karen who manages Shota, but she plays a lesser role in the series since she’s not highlighted much.

Most of Isurugi’s screen time happens earlier in the anime series, but not too much after Hino isn’t allowed to have sex anymore.

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