World’s End Harem: Where Men Get Women Pregnant At All Costs!

worlds end harem anime 2021
Written by Theo J Ellis

World’s End Harem (Shuumatsu no harem) is a controversial anime, or so they say. Originally it comes from a Ecchi Manga released in 2016. Which is still ongoing.

The main story is about a virus that destroys 99% of the male population.

Because of this a set of the last Men who are still alive are given special privileges.

worlds end harem sexy girl

One man in particular wakes up from a deep sleep, 5 years later into a sex crazed world.

He’s given the task (with 4 other guys) to make as many women as pregnant as possible.

That’s the source of the upcoming controversy to be expected.


World’s End Harem Images

worlds end harem main character ecchi girl

worlds end harem manga

worlds end harem manga 1

worlds end harem manga 2worlds end harem manga 3worlds end harem manga 4

These are the original Manga images. There aren’t many, if at all anime images since it’s still early days.

World’s End Harem will release sometime in 2021. And the coronavirus has probably delayed announcements for the time being.

How do you think this anime will turn out? Do you think it’ll even get released because of its content?

And are you looking forward to this in 2021?



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Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

I think they’re just making this into an “anime” to cash in on the hype & controversy Interspecies Reviewers attracted. It’ll be another heavily watered down hentai-wannabe that will draw a lot of angry or perverted people & be forgotten as quickly as it popped up. Which is really to bad, cuz why COULDN’T hentai be used to tell a legitimately deep, intelligent, & touching story? Don’t laugh! The hentai “A Kite” was actually a pretty good show, & the manga for Aki-Sora is one of my favorite stories in all of manga. (I haven’t watched the OVAs) And Kodomo… Read more »

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