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Why Do SJW’S Hate Anime So Much? It Really Comes Down To This!

anime industry. Though it’s more accurate to say in the WEST.

This isn’t even a topic otherwise. Japan doesn’t give a F, Europe never complains about it, South America and other countries never outrage about anime either.

Australia is pretty bad for it though.

The USA exaggerates and blows up non-issues through Twitter and certain media outlets follow their lead out of fear. Because they’re loud.

Feminists and anyone who bows down to double standards plays a role in the drama.

Given the USA has influence, it’s not surprising.

The question though is why? Let’s talk about it.


Why SJW’S Hate Anime:


1. They’re used to telling people what to do (without consequence)

charlies angels sjw |

Charlies Angels, a reboot was made by Hollywood. And the fill obviously fell flat on its face, DESPITE pandering to feminists and the loud minority of SJW’S.

You know, the same people who care more about agenda’s than the art itself.

Hollywood took this approach because they’re sh*t-scared of angering the Twitter mob who attacks anything that doesn’t fit their world view.

This has become the norm with Hollywood and US films.

uzaki chan smug funny |

The same thing doesn’t happen with anime, and SJW’S hate it.

For the first time in their lives, radical feminists and SJW’S have no control over something. That something being anime and its content.

Put another way: they’ve realized anime is a medium where they have NO power.

  • They can’t tell anime directors and creators what to do.
  • They can’t threaten them to change the content.
  • They can’t have it their way.
  • They can’t force Japan to push false narratives.

SJW’S in the USA have no power to do any of that. And it’s driving them crazy.

This frustration and failure shows itself on a yearly basis.

Uzaki Chan being one of the latest examples of “outrage” having no effect on anime, the industry, or the politics they’re used to forcing onto other people.

It doesn’t work here.


2. Anime characters stir up insecurities

sugoi dekai tiddies |

Hana Uzaki is one of those characters. Feminists (not the real kind) who scream and shout on Twitter are afraid of anime girls.

They project their insecurities onto these fictional characters, and base their self image on how they’re designed.

What we then see is comments like:

  • Anime is for pedo’s
  • Hana Uzaki is a stupid b*tch.
  • Men who like anime girls are losers.

And every other criticism the anime community is familiar with.

It all starts from a place of insecurity and putting these characters on a pedestal (despite their fictional aspects).

The problem with this mentality is – no matter what you say or how much you project, your problem never goes away.

To deal with insecurities you have to face the facts and look yourself in the mirror. And most of all – accept yourself for who you are.

Using anime girls as some sort of “beauty” standard and being threatened by that is irrational. And it’s the source of anime’s hatred, more so from women who outrage about anime.


3. Anime has a lot of female characters

mha female characters |

They hate to see it.

In other forms of media the distribution between genders is worlds apart. In anime, there’s TONS of female characters.

That’s in spite of the fact anime is catered to male fans, predominantly.

If anything – female characters (and women) are celebrated in anime. But SJW’S see it a different way.

YouTube video

Like Hizashi Yamada says in the video, “fan service”. It’s an element anime uses sometimes. And when it does, they go all out.

Anime never holds back when it’s time for some fan service and to show some skin (men or women).

But in entertainment and media, women are a lot more sensitive to what’s being portrayed in a TV show.

Anime outrage and controversy in general is 99% of women getting angry, claiming female fan service is misogyny and all other kinds of nonsense born out of the USA.

But when the shoes on the other foot (like with Johnny Depp’s situation), everyone goes quiet.

No f*cks given.


4. Anime doesn’t pander to double standards

myne and naofumi shield hero |

We seen this with The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Myne, with red hair, puts on a front in the beginning of the anime. Naofumi (black hair) is roped into her psychotic scheme.

She falsely accuses him of rape, and just like in real life, everyone blindly trusts the woman’s word WITHOUT proof.

Naofumi is treated as “guilty until proven innocent”.

A few websites and especially people on Twitter went as far to say Naofumi is at fault and he’s the bad guy… Despite being the victim.

The reason for the backlash is because in the real world – there’s a real issue with Men being falsely accused of rape and sexual assault.

Often, especially in the USA, Men are treated as guilty until proven innocent.

Women are treated as innocent until proven guilty. As if there’s an inherent difference based on gender that makes one good and the other evil.

anime since it represents truths as opposed to agenda’s.

And in general – anime isn’t a medium that tries to divide genders and cause gender wars for selfish, toxic reasons like the USA seems to have a big issue with.

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deku school black uniform |

If there’s one reason to remember, it’s this one. Anime is popular with men and teenage boys (where it starts).

Remember, we’re talking about why SJW’S hate anime here. We’re not talking about society in general.

Anime has always had a strong male audience.

Here at Anime Motivation the demographics is:

  • 63% men.
  • 36% women.

To make my point all you’ve gotta do is look at the video games industry. An industry with a predominantly male audience.

video games sjw meme |

SJW’S and the loud minority complain about video games because Men love it.

If we get deep, in relationships, the most toxic women hate Men playing games because it takes attention away from themselves.

It’s the same thing in general. The more insecure you are, the more you’ll blame something because it draws attention away from yourself.

That’s why #gamergate and games in general have been under attack in the last decade. Mostly from feminists who aren’t even gamers and don’t care about video games.

And of course – men who “white knight” because they’re so afraid to speak up.


togata and deku mha s4 |

Anime in the last decade or two has become that kind of medium. And it’s killing it.

Even though anime is still considered weird and there’s still stereotypes about it, you can’t escape its popularity anymore.

Social media, websites, conventions, it’s everywhere. And that’s why there’s a loud presence of women (minority) attacking it.

It goes without saying that medium’s or industries catered to women have little outrage from men.

When was the last time you seen guys outraging or stirring up controversy over businesses, products or entertainment that’s catered to women?

It never happens. Men don’t give a F. It’s not that serious.

Women mostly don’t care either, but the SJW type cares deeply about it. To the point of it being toxic and suffocating.

THAT is why SJW’S hate anime. And why anime fans are sick and tired of the so called controversies.

It’s all for nothing though, because cancel culture is on its way out the door as far as anime goes.



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