Why Anime Is More Motivational Than Most People Would Think

When you use the words “motivation”, the 1st thought that comes to most people’s minds is – motivational speakers. After all, there are plenty of those types of videos on YouTube.

And if it’s not motivational speakers, it’s motivational films or celebrities. 

But what about Anime?

Most people don’t consider Anime to be motivational. It’s the last thing that comes to mind if you’re talking about motivation.

But real Anime fans know that’s far from the truth. Every fan of Anime can name a bunch of shows that are motivational and inspiring.

Let’s talk about that!

Why Anime Is More Motivational Than Most People Would Think.


1. Anime shows can teach you important life lessons

The Anime itself doesn’t have to be motivational to teach you important life lessons. Life lessons can be taken from even comedy Anime’s, or slice of life Anime shows.

There are a couple of Anime’s packed with important life lessons to be learned from. Like:

Sword Art Online


Madoka Magica


Fairy Tail


And hundreds of other Anime shows in all sorts of different categories.


2. Anime shows can make you think about life

And that’s motivation is about. It’s not just about giving you the drive to achieve something.

Motivation is also about making you think about life in a deep, positive way. And there are plenty of Anime’s that do that!

Here are a couple of those Anime shows:

The Legend Of Legendary Heroes


Full Metal Alchemist

Why Anime Is More Motivational Than Most People Would Think
Courtesy of – Shauntmax30.com

Assassination Classroom

Why Anime Is More Motivational Than Most People Would Think

3. Anime music is inspirational

Anime isn’t just about the shows themselves, it’s about the music. The instrumentals that play through different episodes and different Anime scenes.

And there are plenty of great Anime instrumentals that are inspirational. Some make Anime shows even more inspirational than they would be without the music.

Here are a few examples:

Code Geass – Innocent Days


Magic Knight Rayearth – Main Theme Orchestra Music (Remix)


Fruits Basket – Opening Theme Song


Kanon Anime Music – Soundtrack 10


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What would you add to this list? What makes Anime motivational for you? 🙂

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