2 Major Things The Anime Industry Is Lacking Right Now

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The anime industry has a lot going for it.

In recent years there’s been major growth with the net-worth of the industry. And how well certain anime’s are doing across the board.

Take for example – A Silent Voice. One of the highest selling anime movies of all time.

Or even series like Attack On Titan or One Punch Man.

Both series have done better than expected and continue to sell in the high digits. Which is good for the anime industry as a whole.

BUT…. the problem is the anime industry is relying on what worked in the past. And by definition, it’s an old industry that refuses to adapt.

And that takes us to the point of this post.

There are 2 major things that MUST happen to push the industry forward.

Two things that the anime industry in 2017 is lacking, and must change…

1. Innovation and novel thinking

“Things that don’t change go extinct.” – Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

Anime for the most part is living off what worked in the past.

And for now that doesn’t seem to be having “negative” effects as the industry stands.

Let’s take DVD’S for example.

2 Major Things The Anime Industry Is Lacking Right Now

Anime companies still create and distribute them, despite the fact DVD’S have been declining for well over a decade.

In fact – anime dvd sales declined 6.9% between 2014 – 2016.

And if that’s not enough?

Anime Video Market in Japan Sees 15.8% Decrease in 2016

And yet…. This is still a huge focus of anime companies, even though anime fans have clearly been watching anime online because it’s much more convenient and cheaper.

Remember the company – Blockbuster? They did the same thing.

 2 Major Things The Anime Industry Is Lacking Right Now

They focused on what worked in the past (video rental offline) instead of focusing on where things were going (online rental like Netflix).

And they went out of business as a result.

Anime as an industry makes around ¥1.8 billion per year. Which is around $160 million dollars.

Since the 2000’s this number has been up and down… One minute the industry is growing, the next minute it’s down.

What the anime industry needs (and is lacking) is innovation.

It needs to get with the times. Plain and simple.

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2. Another thing the anime industry lacks? Successful distribution

2 Major Things The Anime Industry Is Lacking Right Now

If you look at video games as an industry, they don’t have “pirated content” issues.

Because they’ve got it locked down in the gaming industry. They solved their “convenience” problem long ago.

Anime hasn’t done that as an industry, and that’s not good in the long term.

It’s the reason why there are so many “pirate” anime sites. And guess who’s using them?

That’s right – the majority of anime fans. Because so many anime’s are blocked in multiple countries.

And if that’s not the case – there’s just not a wide collection of anime’s to watch on legal sites.

So naturally – if you can’t find what you want from one provider, you’ll look elsewhere.

At some point if the anime industry doesn’t fix it’s distribution, it will suffer on a major level.

More so than it already is.


What do you think about this?

And what do you think could help the industry solve it’s problem?

Share your thoughts!

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  1. Vansh tyagi says:

    Just they want to do is to put ban on all pirated websites and these old stuffs like blue ray DVD and air their Anime on one of the biggest platforms like youtube both paid and free

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