The Most Important Life Lessons D. Gray Man Taught Me

If you haven’t seen D Gray Man yet, stop what you’re doing and go watch it (after reading of course).

This anime is very addicting and has an interesting plot. It’s a creative show with beautiful animation and you’ll definitely get hooked on it.

The Most Important Life Lessons D. Gray Man Taught Me

D Gray Man centers around a boy named Allen Walker.

Allen, voiced by Todd Haberkorn, is an exorcist who strives to defeat creatures known as Akuma.

A type of creature created with the help of the Millennium Earl (antagonist).

An Akuma is created when someone brings back the soul of their loved ones who’ve passed away.

The Millennium Earl then commands the resurrected soul to kill their living relatives and wear their body as a “skin” suit, turning them into a deadly weapon.

Level 1 Akuma, created by the Millennium Earl.

Allen Walker’s arm serves as an anti-Akuma weapon, which helps destroy any type of Akuma he battles.

Allen Walker’s goal, and the rest of the exorcists in The Black Order, is to stop the Millennium Earl from creating Akuma and destroying the entire world.

On several occasions in the show, when someone revives the soul of someone they love, the soul of that person lashes out.

Asking questions like:

“Why? How could you do this? You turned me into an Akuma!”

They’re upset because they’ve been taken from the afterlife and brought back to the physical world. Which is why they’re suffering in the first place.

Anyone would choose a life of peace over a life of constant suffering, so when you think about it that way, it makes sense why the revived souls are angry with their living relatives.

Akuma suffering.


Life is similar in that way

There are people in real life who have thought, “I would do anything to have them back with me” or “If I could just see them one last time.”

But in the afterlife there is no suffering like in the physical world.

Personally, I believe in the afterlife and I believe in Heaven, so I know that my loved ones who’ve passed on are happy and no longer suffering.


D Gray Man teaches an important lesson about death and the afterlife

It shows that people shouldn’t try to “play God” by trying to bring someone back from the dead, because it would just mean bringing them back to the physical world, and making them suffer all over again.

In D Gray Man, reviving a soul of a dead relative means making them suffer, and no one wants that for anyone.

Once someone has passed on, it’s their time to go and the physical world is no longer a home for them. But at least they’re at peace in the afterlife.

The Most Important Life Lessons D. Gray Man Taught Me

If I can’t be a savior, then I want to be a destroyer that saves lives.” – Allen Walker

D Gray Man shows that, once someone dies, they enter a new life full of peace.

Anyone would be upset to leave a life like that.

This anime also shows we should be happy that our deceased relatives no longer have to go through all that pain and misery.

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