Webtoons Creates “Webtoon Studios” Division To Take Digital Comics To The Next Level

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Webtoons has come a long way, and even though I believe it won’t ever replace or exceed manga, they’re making big moves.

I think of them the same way I do Netflix because they’re outside of Japan (they’re Korean).

With a new division on the way, Webtoons Studios, they plan to expand the market even further. And partner up with brands to extend their digital catalogue.


Webtoons Studios

As pointed out by Deadline:

“The new production arm will pair up the publisher’s massive library of titles and creators with entertainment platforms, including film, television, interactive entertainment, licensing, and merchandising.”

The CEO of Webtoons goes on to say:

“Today marks a huge step for Webtoon. Webcomics have grown into a cultural phenomenon over the past 15 years – especially for younger generations. This is another important step in building a greater bridge from our creator’s works on Webtoon to film, TV and beyond.”

As far as Webtoons comics and being adapted into anime, let’s say how this plays out.

By the looks of it this could help with that, and so much more as far as mediums like films, merchandise and so on.


News source: Deadline



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