3 Wave Quotes From Akame Ga Kill You Can’t Help But Love

Wave carrying bag from akame ga kill
Written by Theo J Ellis

Wave is a part of Esdeath’s group – the Jeagers. Originally serving for the Imperial Navy at sea.

Even though Esdeath recruited Wave to her group of wicked warriors, Wave is a good hearted person. 

This is obvious from the way he reacts to the twisted personalities of his comrades like Seryu.

And that’s why his greatest moments, as well as his quotes are worth sharing.


Wave Quotes From Akame Ga Kill:

If you see a girl lookin' unhappy, be a man and help her.

“If you see a girl lookin’ unhappy, be a man and help her.” – Wave

Not much else has to be said about this quote. If you want to help someone, then don’t hesitate to help them.


Protecting the powerless is simply a soldier's duty!

“Protecting the powerless is simply a soldier’s duty!” – Wave

Wave comes from the Imperial Navy. So naturally he’s a soldier at heart, even when he’s not at sea.


When a man of the sea falls in love, he dives in head first!

“When a man of the sea falls in love, he dives in head first!” – Wave

This quote is a great twist on words and imagination. But at the core of it, it’s a powerful quote.

Especially if you’ve watched Akame Ga Kill And are a fan of Wave!

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