Vixen Wars: The Turned Based Hentai Game In An Adventure Setting

Vixen Wars Review Hentai Game
Written by Mahathir M

Vixen wars. Slay the monster in the sexiest way you could.

Feeling bored with your ordinary hentai games? Don’t worry, this game will make your day.

The Vixen Wars is a game by 3x entertainment studios that will bring you to another realm of the hentai adventure-turn-based RTS tower defense genre.

This game has steamy adult scenes where you can find the sexy warriors turned into the hottest sluts.


The plot


It all begins when your father is dead and you have to take over his throne. This is before your sister gets corrupted by a dark magician who brings her to the dark side.

She brings an army of monsters and starts to attack humanity.

As a player, we must stop her from destroying the dirty kingdom by fighting alongside our lovely heroines.

Those sexy characters will accompany you in this tower defense game until you can reach your sister. However, the path to the dirty kingdom is not easy.

We must fight hard before we can reach our main destination. Strong monsters will appear during those journeys and only your heroine can stop them.

Simply upgrade those girls to get them stronger so you can accomplish every level faster.


Talk with them and seduce all of your harems to make more money

This money can be used to upgrade them and unlock the steamy NSFW scene on this game. You can also unlock erotic outfits to make your girls look sexier and powerful than ever.

Let them beat all the monsters in the sexiest way they can.

Nutaku and 3x entertainment manage to make a great game with a great plot to enjoy during your spare time and horny time.

It’s something fun to play and will satisfy all your boredom with ordinary hentai games. Collect all the hot babe’s cards you desire using their gacha feature. 


You can enjoy all these games on your desktop and android smartphone for free

vixen wars bikini

I thought it was just an ordinary tower defense game like others but I was wrong, they manage to give great detail in every phase available on the game.

They also manage to make it similar to visual novel style so we can pick an answer for our own story during our main journey to the dirty kingdom.

Enjoy the stunning cartoon-style picture in this game in high resolution. The developer has managed to give stunning 2d graphics for this game.

Chibi styled with a sharp detail is something we will enjoy during the battle phase it still improving now after the game launched in 2019.


Enjoy all the big tittie babes uncensored as the main character penetrates them

vixen wars harem

The detail of their picture will get you hornier than ever, especially when you look into their shape of body. This game also manages to give us a great BGM to enjoy.

As I mention, this is a free-to-play game. However, if you decide to make an in-game purchase for this game it’s your choice.

Boost up and dress your girl with a Nutaku coin. This will help you clear this game as soon as possible and also unlock another rare hot warrior.

By using this coin you can also buy a limited item or babes in the ongoing event. They also have a tourney and contest for their player to show who is the best harem master in this game.

Vixen Wars is one of the games I recommend to you if you are looking for something new and unique to play. You can enjoy all the epic lewd adventures while also having fun with this game.

Collect all those sexy babes, get laid with them, and take back the dirty kingdoms from your evil sister.


Try this game, you may soon be addicted to it

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