Vic Mignogna’s Appeal Has Been Approved (Funimation Lawsuit)

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Vic has made a new appeal.

Vic Mignogna is the legendary voice actor who was fired from Funimation in early 2019.

This all started when a few accounts made false sexual allegations that to this day haven’t been proven.

Jamie Marchi, a girl who kissed Vic back in the day on camera, and Monica Rial are the main VA’S who’ve attacked Vic ever since the DB Super movie aired.

Vic’s kindness was used against him as he didn’t defend himself aggressively (until he filed a lawsuit).

The damage was done by this point regardless.

Regardless of the damage that’s been done, there’s equal damage on both sides of the fence.

And now? Vic Mignogna’s latest appeal has been approved in the court of law.

The ongoing lawsuit against Funimation and its voice actors, despite the judge ordering Vic to pay court fees is still going strong.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but the battle isn’t over yet.



Funimation Spent $170,000 To Say “We Never Accused Vic For Sexual Harassment

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