COVID-19 Vaccine Site Closes To Host California Anime Event, Causing OUTRAGE

Covid 19 Vaccine Site Closes To Host California Anime Event, Causing Outrage
Written by Theo J Ellis

Covid-19, the pandemic, or the “plandemic” as some people are calling it is still underway. Worldwide.

The west being one of the most affected and infected countries on the planet.

In the USA in North California, there’s a covid-19 vaccination center… With plans to close.

So what happened?


California vaccination center closed to host ANIME event

The anime event is being run by SacAnime, a known anime convention in the USA.

In the video above you can see how many people have gathered, what fans and cosplayers are saying, and so on.

But not everything is as it seems. There’s a LOT of backlash and outrage by critics.

The main reasons being a vaccination center was shutdown “just” to host an anime event for a few days.


News report live from California 

As shared by Huffington post:

“A COVID-19 vaccination site in Northern California will close for two days this week to host an in-person anime event, prompting backlash from would-be vaccine recipients and anime fans, The Sacramento Bee reported Monday.

The vaccine site at The Grounds, an events venue in Roseville, will be closed Thursday and Friday, according to the County of Placer’s website.

SacAnime will hold a swap meet at The Grounds from Friday to Sunday. There will be more than 100 exhibitors, according to the SacAnime.”

The news also goes on to say:

“She also stated that around 90% of this week’s approximately 5,400 appointments at the site are second-dose appointments, meaning that “the impact on first dose appointments available in that time window is not very large.”


Social media OUTRAGE and claims of boycotting

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Is this outrage exaggerated BECAUSE It’s anime?

logical tweet sacanime outrage

One person pointed out how there are many other events happening in the same center. And whether the person who started the thread will also talk about it.

The point being, it seems anime is one of many events happening. And it’s being unfairly targeted.

Or is it?


Sacanime statement

“When we knew there might be an issue with the vaccine site we reached out to them and offered to keep our event out of their area.

They declined due to already scheduling more hours Monday through Wednesday,” the statement read. “We realize how that looks but we work closely with the fairgrounds and the decision to continue was taken.”

They continue:

“The statement also said that there would be “very little impact to the vaccination site or schedule” and that any speculation that the name of the event was changed in order to bypass COVID-19 rules was “vastly untrue.”

In truth, it seems more like it’s out of Sacanime’s hands.

They reached out but were declined for one reason: MONEY. The schedule was already in place, so there’s nothing that could be done about it on Sacanime’s end.

Everyone being dramatic as usual on Twitter with their “I’ll never go to this event again” comments need to wipe their tears.

It’s not as serious or as intentional s they’re taking it to be.

It’s out of context and being judged on face value as usual….

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It’s funny considering its also just been found that vaccines won’t be effective in about 9 months anyway

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan
Reply to  zastin

yeah it really is,but don’t tell that to the vaccine nutjobs.

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan

I mean let’s be honest a lot of these people who are saying there never going to go this convention again they won’t follow threw give them year or two years and they’ll be back.


I guess anime will be politically correct now or banned completely


I feel like this is just manufactured outrage propped up by big tech

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