Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 Would Break The Internet

uzaki chan wants to hang out funny episode 3

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out is some of the most controversial anime we’ve seen.

Even right now after so many weeks, the anime is still being Tweeted multiple times per hour.

At this point it’s memes galore, sarcastic drawings and fans making a joke out of the whole situation.

Can’t blame em because it is starting to get silly at this point.


Imagine what a 2nd season would be like

uzaki and nagatoro

One thing about the anime is Uzaki annoys her Senpai, and this is part of what people “hate”.

Most of all though, people are making a big deal out of Hana Uzaki’s tiddies and saying she’s a “child” and how her design is not realistic…. Even though it’s fictional in the first place.

For something like this to be happening all month it’s clear what a 2nd season would bring as far as attention.

Attention is good, more so when the root of it is innocent.


It’s early, but I’d say a 2nd season is likely by July 2021

uzaki chan hana manga

With Uzaki Chan being adapted from a manga which has plenty of material, there’s room for a 2nd season.

The overall reception of this anime would warrant it as well. Whether we’re talking about worldwide, or just Japan and the west in general.

The anime community would welcome it with open arms, and who knows – it could even turn out better that far into the story.


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