Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2, And The NEW Outrage On Twitter

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 And The NEW Controversy On Twitter
Written by Theo J Ellis

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out was first discovered back in 2019 for its manga on Twitter.

This eventually lead to outrage when Uzaki Chan was used to drive blood donations in Japan.

After feminists attempted to ruin lives by hurting the campaign, the anime was announced, more controversy stirred in July 2020, and it seems people can’t shut up about the anime ever since.

Case in point: there’s a NEW outrage surrounding Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out on Twitter!


What’s the beef this time?

uzaki chan tweet kid @cheatsykoopa98

A lot of the arguments, nonsense, and bashing that’s happening around Uzaki Chan revolves around this daft, out of context picture.

What the person is claiming is Uzaki Chan looks like an actual child with tits. And the image has been modified to make it appear to seem that way.

I don’t have to explain whether it’s true or not because you already know better.

It’s insane to think people are still talking about Uzaki Chan like this in 2022, and more often than you’d like to believe.


@nameisontweeter uzaki chan nagatoro tweet e1648751061320

And then there’s THIS Tweet from March 30th 2022 that’s started some unnecessary back and forth about Nagatoro and Uzaki Chan.

This account claims if you watched anime shows like:

  • My dress Up Darling.
  • Komi San Can’ Communicate.
  • Uzaki Chan.
  • Nagatoro.

Or slice of life style anime in general, then you must be a person who “touches” kids.

This started because people have been saying if you like these anime “you don’t get any bitches” as they put it.

The anime (and anime in general) continues to live rent free in their minds on a daily basis.


Uzaki Chan Season 2 – 2022 release date

YouTube video

Uzaki Chan had a 2nd season announced back in 2020, or early 2021. And now the anime is finally getting the release fans have expected.

The official day hasn’t been confirmed, but you can expect it around July 2022 I’d say. This will be a good time if 2022 is the agenda, and it’s also the time the first season was released back in 2020.

There’s no hard evidence as to this being the case YET but one of the latest trailers dropped around 1 month ago.


Season 2 – keep your eyes peeled

uzaki chan season 2 visuals gaming

uzaki chan season 2 visuals anime

uzaki chan season 2 visuals cover

uzaki chan season 2 visuals cover 2022

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