SJW’s Are STILL Arguing Over Uzaki Chan’s Blood Drive Donation In Japan

uzaki chan poster

I’ve kept quiet for the most part about this Uzaki Chan Blood Drive situation.

I thought the whole thing was insane to even be arguing about.

It’s about Red Cross (the charity) who used Uzaki Chan, a Manga character to encourage fans to donate blood in Japan.

uzaki chan wants to hang out manga

As you can see from the image above, Uzaki Chan is from a Manga series. 

The official name is “Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out”. First released in 2017.

It’s an ECCHI Manga in the slice of life category. So yes – she has “big” boobs.

The whole argument started on Twitter (as usual these days) about how the Japanese Red Cross is sexualizing women with Uzaki Chan’s poster.


The insanity of SJW’S In The US and their political correctness

I won’t share every single Tweet because we’re not hear to waste time.

THIS tweet above is basically the “theme” of people crying on Twitter about something that’s not even an issue to begin with.

First of all – this is NOT sexualized. Let’s get that out the way.


If Uzaki Chan had a “flat chest” this wouldn’t even be a conversation

That line disproves the whole argument. It’s common knowledge that some women look like this.

The outrage is just political correctness and mostly women who don’t have “big breasts” who are taking offense to this red cross campaign.

And calling Uzaki Chan’s poster “sexual harassment” is so detatched from reality I can’t believe this is what people were saying.

No person who’s been sexually harassed would even say that out loud.


There’s a reason Japan itself (99%) praised the campaign:

  1. Japan doesn’t complain about “problems” when they’re not really problems.
  2. The campaign is clever and is aimed at Otaku’s in Japan.
  3. The campaign ended at the end of October and has been successful.
  4. The Red Cross in Japan clearly knows who they’re marketing to.


Why Uzaki Chan SJW’s missed the point:


1. This is about DONATING BLOOD and nothing more

uzaki chan blood donate

The whole point of this campaign by the Japanese red cross is blood donation.

They want people to donate more blood for a positive cause. And in this particular campaign – Uzaki Chan from the Manga was used to promote that. And get people on board in Japan.

That should be common sense but according to the US – common sense isn’t common among the SJW’s who b*tched about it.


All that energy could have been put into supporting blood donation

But instead – it became another pointless outrage that turned something positive into a negative.

Come on, people. Get your sh*t together. It’s embarrassing.


The blood donation was SUCCESSFUL. So let’s celebrate that and put a middle finger up to everything else.


What do you think about the Uzaki Chan outrage?



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