U.S Anti-Trust Justice Department Delays Sony’s Purchase Of Crunchyroll, Under Investigation

U.s Anti Trust Justice Department Delays Sony’s Purchase Of Crunchyroll, Under Investigation (2)
Written by Theo J Ellis

If like me, you’ve been wondering what’s happening with Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll… There’s some recent news.

Since July 2020 Sony has been in talks to purchase Crunchyroll from AT&T.

That deal eventually went through by December 2020, officially. But there’s been no coverage since.

I even asked them directly and they had no information to share.


The US Anti Trust Justice Department

U.S Anti Trust Justice Department Delays Sonys Purchase Of Crunchyroll Under Investigation 1

The anti-trust department of the U.S justice system has ONE goal in mind: to make sure acquisitions are fair.

They’ve deemed the purchase of Crunchyroll sketchy, and so are investigating the purchase.


“The probe, which could delay the sale by several months and potentially kill it, seeks to determine if the deal would give Sony dominance in the animestreaming market, these people said.”

This is according to 3 people behind the scenes who are familiar with the process.

As quoted:

“Sony Pictures’ hopes of countering Netflix and Amazon in the increasingly popular market for the Japanese-style animated videos known as anime has hit a snag. The U.S. Justice Department has extended its antitrust review of Sony’s proposed $1.2 billion acquisition of animestreaming service Crunchyroll from AT&T’s WarnerMedia, according to three people familiar with the process.”


To be shutdown, or allowed to pass

sony crunchyroll

If Sony’s deal doesn’t go through, then the anime industry will remain the same as it is now.

Crunchyroll with have their platform, and Funimation will have theirs. And piracy will continue to thrive.

If Sony’s purchase isn’t deemed anti-competitive or whatever else, the future of the anime industry will look different.

How much different is anyone’s guess, depending on what Sony actually does with its purchase. Assuming it goes through.

What do you think about this?


Source: The Information



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Sony doesn’t deserve crunchyroll it needs to stay the same so sony and Funimation can go broke cuz sony all they do to there anime is censor happy with it and they already own a anime studios I mean a lot of anime studios I think there acting or being the CCP they want everything as well to and they want to ruin fun and entertainment

Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

I’d love to see the Netflix-style anime streaming site we’ve all been drooling over forever.

More & more of my favorite pirate sites are falling, making me start to get nervous, I won’t lie.

Here’s hoping for the best!

Reply to  Alice Harcourt

But pirates will never die

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan
Reply to  Alice Harcourt

you do know netflix still has the cuties movie right i just wanted to make that clear.


What do you mean different as in more people will torrent now more than ever because pirates aren’t going anywhere but I’m still concerned about the future of the industry

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