10+ Upcoming Anime Movies & OVA’S In Summer 2020!

shika no ou anime 2020
Written by Theo J Ellis

Yesterday I talked about the upcoming anime in summer 2020. And there’s more than enough regardless of your tastes.

Now we’ll focus on the upcoming anime movies and OVA’S 2020.

These anime movies are a mix of:

  • Supernatural
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Sci-FI

Let’s talk about it.


Upcoming anime movies and OVA’S:


1. Planetarian: Snow Globe

Planetarian: Snow Globe is a 1 episode anime OVA. Originally it’s a light novel that ended up as a PC game.

The dates haven’t been released but it’s expected sometime in September 2020. The end of the summer period.


2. Kabukichou Sherlock OVA

Kabukichou Sherlock OVA is a comedy/mystery series with little known about the anime and what’s  coming.

The date it airs is August 26th 2020.


3. Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo S2

Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo is a rom com series originally. And this OVA will be the final episode to wrap up the anime series.

This anime airs on September 2nd 2020.


4. Kud Wafter

Kud Wafter is a crowdfunding project turned into an anime OVA. Or at least it will be.

If you’re a fan of Little Busters then you already know who the main character is.

This J.C Staff anime has no official release date but is expected in September 2020.

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5. Attack On Titan: Chronicle

Attack On Titan: Chronicle (Movie) is a compilation of all 59 Attack On Titan episodes. Straight from the 1st season all the way to the 3rd.

It’s a “diet” way of catching up and getting up to speed with what’s happening.

This movie airs July 17th 2020.

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6. Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 1 (UPDATE: Delayed till 2021)


This movie is only 1 episode, for now at least.

It’ll release on September 11th 2020.

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7. Umibe no Étranger

YouTube video

Umibe No Etranger is a Shounen AI/Slice of life with 1 episode for this movie, not unlike most anime movies.

The release date is September 11th 2020.


8. Jintai no Survival!

Jintai No Survival will air July 31th 2020, and is a Shounen taken from the manga: Jintai no Manga.


9. Shika No Ou

Shika No Ou is an anime movie being done by Production I.G. The same studio as Psycho Pass.

Adapted from a light novel you can expect fantasy elements right out the gate.

The anime airs September 18th 2020.


10. Fate/Grand Order: Shinsei Entaku Ryouiki Camelot 1 (Delayed by COVID-19)

Fate Grand Order has a new movie on its way aside from the anime that aired in 2020.

It’s an adaptation of the Sixth Singularity, Release date is August 15th 2020.

Which anime movie are you looking forward to in Summer 2020?



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