Self Righteous SJW’s Bully Japanese Artist Into Deleting Loli Drawings

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If there’s one thing I’m sick and tired of seeing, it’s arrogant Americans trying to force their values on other cultures.

It’s nothing short of a colonist mentality towards society’s with different morals and beliefs.


As this Tweet shows, the Japanese artist in question was bullied off Twitter. And forced to delete his drawings because “we don’t like it even though we don’t give a F about anime art”.


As the translation says:

“I’ve been entangled with a scary person , so I’ll erase all the past pictures for a while! It’s an illustration drawn so hard that it it’s hard to erase, but I’m sorry.”

The other image is of one of the accounts who mass abused the artist, policing his drawings and telling what he can and can’t do.

As if they themselves are honorable, pure people.



Trying to force your values on other cultures makes you a colonizer

silence western twitter

Now imagine Japan, Korea, Africa, India, or any other country OUTSIDE the west started criticizing these sensitive Americans, forcing their values on them. And telling them what’s right vs what’s wrong.

This would be seen as racist or some other out of touch term for people who do whatever it takes to protect their feelings.

This is exactly what Americans, NOT western Twitter in general is doing.

Twitter is open to everyone from all cultures, and if you don’t like something in one culture, you can ignore it and get on with your day.

Forcing and oppressing others for something you don’t like because it doesn’t “agree” with your cultural values makes you an arrogant b*stard. And a person who thinks everything resolves around your ideals.

It’s about time this nonsense came to an end.



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