Twitter May Censor Anime Accounts With Their New “Moderation” Policy

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So Twitter has a sneaky NEW moderation policy they’re working on.

I say “sneaky” because this was uncovered and is under the radar as I write this. But it’s happening SOON.

This new system is to prevent misinformation, and they’ll have moderators who will:

  • Label a tweet as “safe”
  • Or the same tweet as “unsafe” and ban it

There’s also the possibility of censoring tweets they don’t like from certain users. Making this new moderation policy subject to bias.


What Twitter says:

  • Steven Pierre, Twitter engineer explains “shadow banning,” says “it’s going to ban a way of talking”.
  • Former Twitter software engineer Abhinav Vadrevu on shadow banning: “they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it”.
  • Censorship of certain political viewpoints to be automated via “machine learning” according to Twitter software engineer.
  • Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager for Twitter Trust and Safety explains, “we’re trying to ‘down rank’… sh*tty people to not show up,” “we’re working [that] on right now”.


Twitter censorship may target anime accounts

Let’s take a tweet like this for example.

What’s the likely hood of a generic “moderator” knowing the context of this picture? Or even anime‘s context in general?

Does this deserve to be censored just because a moderator has an “issue” with it?

And what about anime memes like this?

How do moderators figure out what deserves to be censored if they have NO context?

This goes for other topics and industries, but anime is a typical target in these cases. And you can guarantee anime accounts will end up on their agenda.

As for misinformation – how in the world will they figure that one out, based on a machine that lacks context?

One thing you have to ask yourself is: how will Twitter define “sh*tty” people? And the fact that a machine will censor you based on automation is bound to be a problem for anime related accounts.

Project Veritas (the source) said this in response:

“What kind of world do we live in where computer engineers are the gatekeepers of the ‘way people talk?’ This investigation brings forth information of profound public importance that educates people about how free they really are to express their views online.”

Featured image: source

News source: Project Veritas



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