Trans Teacher With Breasts Implants Imitating ANIME Girl Causes Outrage via Fox News!

Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime used to the medium everyone refused to:

  • Acknowledge.
  • Accept.
  • Welcome with open arms.

And would openly deny its influence when it comes to culture, the internet, and more. It still happens just less these days.

Today’s story only proves anime’s influence on culture once again though.

A trans teacher from Canada was directly influenced by anime (I should say Hentai) to get prosthetic breasts, or in plain English: breast implants.

Not just any type of breast implant, but the excessive, over-exaggerated, and comically sized breast implants that people laugh about when talking about certain hentai girls (because it’s unrealistic).

This seems to have taken place in Canada.


Tucker Carlson from Fox News isn’t happy

YouTube video

In a video (many videos) and the news in general going viral across the internet, Tucker Carlson from Fox News wasn’t happy about the news at all. And shared his thoughts on the controversy.

It’s important to point out it became a controversy after Fox News aired out the story and highlighted it on their network.

Tucker Carlson’s main concern is, in his own words:

“This is the abuse of children.” – Tucker Carlson

Tucker is also upset because the Canadian school in question is protecting this teacher while being allowed to express themselves…. Even if that means getting comically sized breast implants.


The internet debates and makes fun of it


What are your thoughts on this story? Is it worthy of outrage?

Is this OK for a trans teacher (or any) to be doing in front of children?


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