Trans Man Chris, A Friend Of MrBeast Deletes Tweet Saying “Nothing gets my knob cranking like some Loli”

Trans Man Chris A Friend Of MrBeast Deletes Tweet about anime loli porn 2

In more crazy news from the anime industry, though not really crazy, is Chris from MrBeast who transitioned from being a man to a woman, aka “trans woman”.

He’s now in the news because a Tweet of his was found, which he desperately tried to hide, Implying he didn’t want anyone knowing about his “secrets” relating to the darker sides of the anime industry.

Like Lolis for example. A very controversial topic with ongoing debates, constantly.


“Nothing gets my knob cranking like some Loli”

chris from mr beast tweet delete loli porn

In December 2016, this tweet can be seen on Chris from MrBeast’s account. Which gained very little traction considering how long ago it was.

What’s even more curious is it has 18 bookmarks, meaning this tweet was discovered recently, and bookmarked, since this analytical feature was introduced to Twitter in 2023 after Elon Musk’s takeover.

The fact that it has a good amount of likes, quotes, and retweets is probably what triggered Chris, a friend of MrBeast who’s known for child friendly content to delete the Tweet outright.

Of course, it was a desperate attempt, and it now only makes him blatantly suspect, if not embarrassed by it since millions of people can potentially see this.


original tweet discovery frined mrbeast chris trans loli

In a tweet that he just deleted, Chris from @MrBeast, who recently announced he’s “transitioning” to be a woman, says he likes Loli, which is a form of anime porn in which the female characters are depicted as children or even babies Many, many such cases among “trans” men.”

According to this Tweet, this seems to be common among many trans men who have been exposed for being attracted to Loli’s and characters of those ages in Hentai.


Twitter responses to Loli Tweet of Chris from MrBeast

loli tweet chris mrbeast

loli tweet chris from mrbeast friend

tweets about chris mrbeast loli reaction

chris from mrbeast tweet caught in 3d responses

loli tweet chris mrbeast response


As pointed out by Evie Magazine:

“Chris Tyson from popular YouTube channel MrBeast has recently identified as a trans woman, despite the fact that he is a husband and a father. Recent tweets reveal that he has some disturbing interest in anime porn that features people who appear to be minors.”


What will happen from here? Wil this affect MrBeast’s reputation?

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