The Top 17 Best Anime In History, According To 30,000 Japanese Fans!

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Written by Theo J Ellis

The debate of which anime is better in dozens of different lists will always be a thing.

It’s an opinion and we all have plenty.

Sometimes if all the opinions you hear come from the west (the loudest ones), you forget how different those views are in the homeland of anime (Japan).

For example – not everyone thinks Fullmetal Alchemist is God’s gift in Japan.


Almost 30,000 Japanese fans with over 150K votes

After Ranking, a Japanese site ran a in depth poll, these are the results.

Let’s get into it.


1. Code Geass


2. Steins Gate


3. Attack On Titan



4. Violet Evergarden



5. Gintama



6. Re:Zero



7. Madoka Magica



8. A Place Further Than The Universe



9. Haikyuu



10. Neon Genesis Evangelion

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11. Sword Art Online




12. Bakemonogatari



13. My Hero Academia


14. Psycho Pass



15. Hunter x Hunter



16. Clannad: AFTER Story



17. Konosuba



Top 17 anime according to Japan:


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